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World Soccer Talk Celebrates 8 Years Of Soccer Coverage

happy birthday World Soccer Talk Celebrates 8 Years Of Soccer Coverage

This month, World Soccer Talk marks 8 years of continuous soccer coverage. We launched World Soccer Talk (then known as EPL Talk) in November, 2005. So much has changed since then in the world of soccer, including the popularity of the sport in the country where we live — the United States of America.

In the past 8 years, we’ve published:

• 18,621 posts

And here’s to many more!

We’re looking forward to what the rest of 2013 has in store for us, as well as 2014, which will be the third World Cup we’ll be covering. We’re hoping to have one of our team members on the ground in Brazil bringing you reports of what the experience is like.

Plus we have plenty of other exciting news and developments to share soon particularly around the World Cup. Watch for more details coming soon!

Thank you for your support and loyalty during these 8 years!

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About Christopher Harris

Founder and publisher of World Soccer Talk, Christopher Harris is the managing editor of the site. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Guardian and several other publications. Plus he has made appearances on NPR, BBC World, CBC, BBC Five Live, talkSPORT and beIN SPORT. Harris, who has lived in Florida since 1984, has supported Swansea City since 1979. He's also an expert on soccer in South Florida, and got engaged during half-time of a MLS game. Harris launched EPL Talk in 2005, which was rebranded as World Soccer Talk in 2013.
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13 Responses to World Soccer Talk Celebrates 8 Years Of Soccer Coverage

  1. Clampdown says:

    Congratulations, Gaffer! Thanks for all your hard work over the years and to those who have contributed.

  2. Dean Stell says:

    Bravo! That’s wonderful. The hardest thing on the web is to build something that is consistent and sustainable. You’ve done that. Bravo!

  3. Mufc77 says:

    One of the best all round football sites on the web. I’ve watched a few other web sites go backwards over the last 12 months but WST seems to be getting better each season with its football coverage. It’s now my first choice for general football information over the likes of ESPN.

  4. gillyrosh says:

    Congratulations and thank you!

  5. M Owen says:

    Happy B’day Worldsoccertalk.

  6. abdirahman says:

    Happy birth day world soccer talk. I hope you continue hardworking in the next eight years as well. improve the site i.e i would like to see the web more post match reactions for the managers and match reports and previews of every match in the epl, stats of the teams their current form to make the site the best in the land. Thanks for your hard working.and i would like to congratulate all the editors who worked so hard in the last eight years.

  7. Al Jean says:

    Christopher Harris, one thing is missing from this website is “recap” just for top four teams, this web will be even better with recap.

    Peter Quinn, is doing some good articles, just if he decide to write recap.

    Happy birthday WORLDSOCCERTALK.


  8. Bob H. says:

    Happy Birthday. World Soccer Talk Is the first site that I read each day. I particularly enjoy your posts on television coverage of soccer. Keep up the excellent work!

  9. Smokey Bacon says:

    Some clowns seem to having fun with the thumbs down button. Morons.

    Congrats Gaffer. You are living the dream.

  10. jtm371 says:

    The Gaffer
    congrats on a great site all your hard work has made it a go to for all football fans.All the best and another eight great years.

    P.S.go ahead and thumb down my post i take it as a badge of honor.

  11. EPLNFL says:

    Happy Birthday Chris! WST changed the face of soccer in America and your now having a worldwide impact.

  12. Lonnie says:

    Congrats on 8 great years Chris! Glad to have been a part of this site over that time. Looking forward to many more great posts and innovations.

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