How to Book Your Dream Vacation to World Cup 2014 In Brazil

The anticipation and excitement is already building for FIFA World Cup 2014. And with the destination being Brazil, it’s a golden opportunity to go see the ultimate soccer tournament that’s practically on your doorstep.

If you are serious about traveling to Brazil next summer to support your country’s soccer team, or you want to just take in a variety of World Cup matches, now is the time to make your dreams come true — before the draw.

Here’s why. I’ve spoken to several of my contacts in Brazil and all of them say the same thing. The hotels are already being booked at a furious rate, which means that if you wait until the day of the draw (December 6) to book your travel plans, it’s going to be too late. You’ll be in the same boat as hundreds of thousands of other soccer fans around the world who’ll be searching for hours on websites for hotels in Brazil, and coming up empty.

Even though you don’t know what cities your team will be playing in during Brazil 2014, you can still book your hotels and World Cup match tickets before the draw takes place.

Here’s how:

World Soccer Talk has teamed up with Fandeavor to offer you all-inclusive World Cup packages. These include everything from transportation from the airport in Brazil to your hotel, match tickets to the games you want to go to, VIP hospitality at the matches, transportation to and from the game, airfare from city to city in Brazil to follow your team and sightseeing tours along the way.

Travel tip: If you’ve already been approved for match tickets, or you’re waiting on the upcoming FIFA lottery to find out what tickets you’ll get, you can still book your package now with Fandeavor before the draw and lottery happens. Select the custom package and mention your ticket situation on the form, and they’ll adjust the price accordingly.

Fandeavor offers two main choices — you can either Follow the USA Team or Build Your Own Custom Experience.

‘Follow The USA Team’ packages

With the different choices available under the ‘Follow the USA Team‘ options, you can go to Brazil to support the US Men’s National Team for either 1, 2 or all 3 group play matches. Or, if you’re feeling confident, you can book your package for all 7 World Cup matches if the USMNT makes it all the way to the final. (If the USMNT gets knocked out in an earlier round of the tournament, you can then decide to select different games instead).

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