Wayne Rooney Lashes Out at Martin Tyler and Graeme Souness

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney took to twitter to lash out at Martin Tyler and Graeme Souness regarding commentary made during the Red Devils 2-2 draw at Cardiff City on Sunday. Rooney even referred to the former Liverpool legend Souness as “Sourness.”



What are the thoughts of our readers on Wayne Rooney’s statements and should he have been sent off on Sunday?

12 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Lashes Out at Martin Tyler and Graeme Souness”

  1. Yea he probably deserved a red for what he did but he has every right to call out that scumbag Souness for his double standards.

  2. sorry. I didn’t listen martin tyler’s commentry its only people who live in uk that heard it but i have to listen again on youtube to see what he is complaining i was listening the commentry of jon champion and he also didn’t shut up all the game same as his co commentator.but listen he deserved red thats clear.even if tyler said or not.

  3. If you are a Manchester fan, it was too much. If you were pulling for Cardiff, it was not enough. ESPECIALLY after Rooney scored the first goal after the foul. We did not hear Mr. Tyler hear in the U.S., we listened to Mr. Champion. I think he always does a good job.

  4. As a United fan, he did deserve a red card. No doubt. He kicked the guy in anger AND he also clubbed him in the face with his forearm.

    That being said, Martin Tyler did talk about it too much. He made it seam like a fait accompli that it decided the game when we all know (and Tyler knows) that you never know in football. Cardiff certainly wouldn’t have scored their first goal if United was down to 10 men and playing more conservatively.

    So, I can see all the complaints.

  5. My issue here (coming from the resident Cardiff fan) is twofold:
    1) Obvious red card
    2) Rooney is blame shifting

    While I agree with him that Medel should have also been sent off, he is simply trying to make Tyler and Medel the bad guys here while not acknowledging he deserved to be sent off.

    Plus, there is a big difference between the Medel and Rooney incidents. Medel would have been sent off right before the equalizer. However, he had nothing to do with the equalizer, so I cannot say that would have stopped Kim from 6 yards out. Rooney had a goal AND an assist AFTER he should have been sent off. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    In summation: Dr. Mr. Rooney,
    Shut your mouth as it is the worst part of your game and be grateful you helped your side get a point and will likely still get to play next weekend.

  6. It is never enough for Rooney. He got away with a yellow, got a goal, and played the whole match. It says a lot about him to to go twitter and express his feelings on the commentary of a match. The commentary… Get over it.

  7. As if it is the first time Rooney got away with his thuggish behavior. People complaining about lack of consistency in officiating but there was no inconsistency in what happened this Sunday. Rooney is consistently is treated with indulgence by referees and FA in all his petulant antics. They and to a degree Manchester United must share the blame for creating this monster that is Wayne Rooney.

  8. Wayne Rooney a “monster” ? That’s a bit harsh. He is however an extremely driven professional athlete; often such people are not warm and cuddly.

    1. A but too harsh? Perhaps. Rooney was just a small time thug before FA and referee indulgence and fan adoration turned him into a monster who has absolutely no remorse about his actions and is convinced that he can get away with anything be it violence on the pitch or holding Manchester United to ransom over his wage demands.

  9. It was ill-advised of him to make comments on Twitter. He should know by now he going to get bashed even more. That being said, these players aren’t robots and have the need to defend themselves just like anyone else.
    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with him sticking up for himself but it’s a risky decision when you are in the spotlight.

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