Hooligan Walks on to Pitch and Punches Leyton Orient Goalkeeper During Match [VIDEO]

A teenage hooligan walked on to the pitch and swung punches at Leyton Orient goalkeeper Jamie Jones today in the match against Swindon.

The 16-year-old hooligan was removed from the pitch by stewards, and was arrested by police.

Orient manager Russell Slade said:

“That was the worst scene I’ve seen as a manager.

“[The match] was clouded by a fan running onto the pitch and throwing three punches at my goalkeeper.

“It is unbelievable. He’s okay, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s outrageous.

“He [the supporter] needs a ban for life. He should never go to another football match.”

Orient won the match 3-1 to climb back to the top of the League One table.

Watch the video below to see the incident and pay particular attention to the top left of the screen:

8 thoughts on “Hooligan Walks on to Pitch and Punches Leyton Orient Goalkeeper During Match [VIDEO]”

  1. What a complete tw*t! That’s assault and he should do some time in a real jail and not a youth detention center.

    Why were the stewards so slow to get to him? He had time to walk onto the pitch and throw punches.

  2. On a side note, go Orient! Theyll be playing in the same division as West Ham by the time WHUFC move into that Olympic stadium.

  3. He is a 26 year old ‘teenager’ who will soon be languishing in jail and then trying to get work with a DBS check showing violence and a prison record. All because he is an idiot. Prat!

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