Hooligan Walks on to Pitch and Punches Leyton Orient Goalkeeper During Match [VIDEO]

A teenage hooligan walked on to the pitch and swung punches at Leyton Orient goalkeeper Jamie Jones today in the match against Swindon.

The 16-year-old hooligan was removed from the pitch by stewards, and was arrested by police.

Orient manager Russell Slade said:

“That was the worst scene I’ve seen as a manager.

“[The match] was clouded by a fan running onto the pitch and throwing three punches at my goalkeeper.

“It is unbelievable. He’s okay, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s outrageous.

“He [the supporter] needs a ban for life. He should never go to another football match.”

Orient won the match 3-1 to climb back to the top of the League One table.

Watch the video below to see the incident and pay particular attention to the top left of the screen:


8 thoughts on “Hooligan Walks on to Pitch and Punches Leyton Orient Goalkeeper During Match [VIDEO]”

  1. What a complete tw*t! That's assault and he should do some time in a real jail and not a youth detention center.

    Why were the stewards so slow to get to him? He had time to walk onto the pitch and throw punches.

  2. On a side note, go Orient! Theyll be playing in the same division as West Ham by the time WHUFC move into that Olympic stadium.

  3. Telegraph reports he was 26 years old not 16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/league-one/10470521/Leyton-Orient-goalkeeper-Jamie-Jones-punched-three-times-in-the-face-by-Swindon-fan-during-match.html

  4. He is a 26 year old 'teenager' who will soon be languishing in jail and then trying to get work with a DBS check showing violence and a prison record. All because he is an idiot. Prat!


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