Cristiano Ronaldo-Zlatan Ibrahimovic Cam to See Their Reactions to Playoff Goals

The second leg of the World Cup playoff earlier this week between Sweden and Portugal was a brilliant spectacle to watch. The hat trick by Ronaldo has convinced many that he is now the best player in the world. But one of the less reported storylines is the class that Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed on the pitch by applauding his fellow Ballon d’Or contestant after scoring one of his goals.

Whether you missed the gesture or not, the video below features a side-by-side view of the “Zlatan Cam” next to the “Ronaldo Cam.” The videos show the reaction from both players as each of the pivotal goals went into the back of the net.

It’s certainly interesting viewing particularly how Ronaldo criticized his goalkeeper, as well as some of the goal celebrations by him which were missed on television.

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H/T 101GG.


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