Ghana Home Shirt For World Cup 2014: Leaked [PHOTO]

Ghana have qualified for World Cup 2014 after defeating Egypt in the World Cup Playoff. The Black Stars will be wearing a brand-new Puma design in Brazil during the summer of 2014.

Ghana’s new home shirt features a one-of-a-kind collar design with the bold yellow, green, red and black colors and tribal design. The same design is also featured on the bottom of the shirt cuffs.

The rest of the shirt is the classic white colors of Ghana.

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2 thoughts on “Ghana Home Shirt For World Cup 2014: Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. After three, we can determine a pattern…

    It appears that Puma’s cool african nations motif is just some generic “African tribal” stuff with a different nickname and appropriate body – lion, elephant, celestial – in the template.

    Unless they release some info that this tribal pattern is deeply significant (Which I doubt) this is very disappointing for all three African nation kits they’ve released so far.


    1. It’s gotta have some significance, right? I mean, I’d really hope that a proper company like Puma wouldn’t just do a clipart search for “tribal patterns” and plaster it on a kit because the team was African.

      If they did that, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

      All that being said, I do kinda like it. I liked the Cameroon one too.

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