European World Cup Playoffs 2nd Legs Plus Austria vs USA & England vs Germany: Open Thread

This is it. After two years of qualifying matches, today is the final day to determine which European teams will be heading to World Cup 2014. The countries that are fighting to qualify for Brazil today are France, Sweden, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Iceland.

On top of that, there are two important friendlies with the US Men’s National Team playing Austria, while England takes on Germany.

Here’s the schedule for today’s matches:

Romania vs Greece (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 2pm,
South Africa vs Spain (friendly), 2pm,
Croatia vs Iceland (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 2:15pm,
Netherlands vs Colombia (friendly), 2:30pm,
Sweden vs Portugal (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 2:45pm, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes and
Austria vs USA (friendly), 2:45pm, NBCSN
England vs Germany (friendly), 3pm, FOX Sports 1, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2GO
France vs Ukraine (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 3pm, Univision Deportes and

Before, during and after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans.

46 thoughts on “European World Cup Playoffs 2nd Legs Plus Austria vs USA & England vs Germany: Open Thread”

  1. Anyone else having issues trying to find Sweden vs Portugal on It’s supposed to be on there (it’s also on ESPN2), but I’m not seeing it.

    1. I access WatchESPN through my Roku and I was able to find it by going to the Soccer category and scrolling all the way to the end.

  2. Dramatic finish in the Algeria game, they could’ve scored an own goal that would send Burkina Faso to the World Cup but the ball hit the post and Algeria held on to qualify.

  3. Congratulations to Greece on qualifying for World Cup 2014 after beating Romania on aggregate.

    Looks like Croatia are going through as well as Portugal, so the game that’s on the balance now is France-Ukraine.

    1. Zlatan scores another one to make it 2-1 to Sweden. Aggregate right now is 2-2. But Portugal would advance on away goal if the scoreline stays the same.

      Great game.

  4. CR7 AGAIN! The superstars definitely lived up to their billing. Sad that the next 15 minutes could be the end of Ibra’s WC career.

  5. Meanwhile, over in the France-Ukraine game, France keep on missing chance after chance to put the game away. Lots of booing by the French supporters. Still 2-2 on aggregate.

  6. Congratulations to France on qualifying for World Cup 2014!

    Only two games to go now — one later tonight, and one tomorrow…

    New Zealand vs Mexico (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 1am, ESPN, UniMas, Univision Deportes and

    Uruguay vs Jordan (World Cup playoff match, 2nd leg), 6pm, beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol and DishWorld

  7. Pleased Higo gets to captain his country at a World Cup, he’s an amazing keeper!

    You can’t deny the finishing or big game temprent of CR7 an entire nations hope on his back…and he delivers.

    And England…Roy showing his tactical and motivational inadequacies…still…again…whatever.

    Gerrard had a good 45 mins on a cold evening in London v a German B team…he will be useless in Brazilian heat v a full strength & determined country in a tournament…surely only the deluded think he should start.

  8. I don’t think I would ever see a England team fail to win a header in either penalty area – until last night. Mertesacker plays innocuously week in week out for Arsenal yet last night we made him look like Beckenbauer strolling around controlling the game.

    I’m very glad Roy is giving the youngsters a chance and hopefully they may improve to create an average team by next year, but right now there is a yawning chasm between our depth of talent and the major footballing nations. It’s ironic but hopeful young English players may have to copy their foriegn cousins and opt to play abroad to get top level experience because the Premier League is all about filling a hole in the first team with a known player.

    I suppose the FA will mumble something about root and branch overhaul while belching up their chateaubriand resplendent in their blue blazers.

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