Eidur Gudjohnsen Breaks Into Tears After Missing Out On World Cup In Final Game For Iceland [VIDEO]

Iceland footballer Eidur Gudjohnsen broke into tears in a post-match interview after his country lost 2-0 to Croatia and failed to reach the World Cup tonight.

In the interview (skip to minute 2:25), Gudjohnsen was asked by the reporter: “You have now played with the national team since 1996 and had made some great memories for us. What will your future with Iceland be?”

Gudjohnsen answered:

“I’m pretty sure that was my final game for Iceland.”

Gudjohnsen earned more than 77 caps for Iceland, and helped take his country to the brink of qualification for World Cup 2014. After a club career that spanned playing for such high-profile clubs as Barcelona, Chelsea and Monaco, Gudjohnsen currently plays for Club Brugge in Belgium.

You have to feel for Gudjohnsen who wore his heart on his sleeve during the post match interview. He helped take the Icelandic team to the greatest heights his country has ever seen. Hats off to Eidur for being man enough to let his emotions out.

Here’s the video of the post-match interview.

3 thoughts on “Eidur Gudjohnsen Breaks Into Tears After Missing Out On World Cup In Final Game For Iceland [VIDEO]”

  1. I was rooting for Iceland. Would have liked to see them get into the World Cup. They would have been the smallest country to make to the WC. I feel for them.

    I was also pulling for New Zealand – but realistically, they won’t be able to overcome the goal diff.

  2. Yeah….you feel badly for these smaller countries that come SO close and don’t make it. In the US, we’re all worried about whether our program is advancing appropriately given our relative wealth, resources and large population. It’s gotta be totally different for a little country like Iceland where everything has to break correctly for them just to come close. Too bad….I was rooting for them.

  3. Tough for Iceland, this was a historic chance, but watching the match on ESPN3 they were totally outplayed in fairness. Even with 10 men Croatia should have score 3-4 more goals

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