Russia World Cup Shirt For World Cup 2014 From adidas: Official [PHOTOS]

adidas has unveiled Russia’s World Cup 2014 kit for the tournament that will be held in Brazil.

Russia’s home shirt for World Cup 2014 is maroon with gold stripes down the sleeves, as well as different shade of maroon as a secondary trim color.

Original features of the shirt include a printed tribute to the Conquerors of Space celebrating Russia’s great space achievements, three adidas golden stripes and the Flag of Russia. The shirts and shorts bear a distinctive mark depicting the gold double-headed eagle. These colors symbolize the royal combination of gold on maroon.

Order the Russia World Cup shirt today from the World Soccer Talk shop.

2 thoughts on “Russia World Cup Shirt For World Cup 2014 From adidas: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. Star City, we have a problem.

    I don’t see the space-inspired details. Are they tailing about that swoop of something that might look like tiled from a space shuttle? That looks like a partial design from a recent Houston Dynamo shirt?

    I guess that’s it… Houston’s space influence, this space influence all equates to bucks in swooping patterns for Adidas.


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