New York City FC Launches Campaign to Recruit Fans Starring Manchester City Footballers [VIDEO]

New York City FC, the MLS team that will launch in 2015, has launched a campaign to recruit new fans of its club by featuring several Manchester City footballers juggling the ball around New York City.

The Manchester City footballers featured in the video are Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany, James Milner, Yaya Toure, Samir Nasri, Joe Hart, David Silva, Gael Clichy and Matija Nastasic. The video sees the City players take part in a pass and move game around the city, spanning iconic New York locations including Brooklyn Bridge Park, Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, Manhattan Highline and Rucker Park in Harlem.

The call to action in the video is to encourage soccer fans to join the New York City FC movement. To encourage fans to sign up, City is giving away opportunities to win free tickets to City’s opening game of the 2015 season.

Meanwhile, the team still doesn’t have a stadium to call home, and is likely to play at the temporary home of the New York Yankees baseball team until a soccer-specific stadium can be built.

24 thoughts on “New York City FC Launches Campaign to Recruit Fans Starring Manchester City Footballers [VIDEO]”

      1. Where are they going to be able to put it next to Yankee Stadium? The Yankees had to build a park next on the land the old Yankee Stadium was on because they built the new Yankee Stadium on a park. They going to bulldoze the new park for NYCFC?

        1. I don’t understand why someone gave you a downvote for asking a very legitimate question. I would be shocked if this stadium gets built anywhere near Yankee Stadium. There has been no decision on where this stadium will be built and very little news in NY about this issue lately. I still think it will be Queens.

          1. Bob, I’m in Brooklyn. So, that would suit me just fine. Not sure where they would put it though. Near Brooklyn Bridge Park on the water would be sweet! (wishful thinking here)

  1. NYCFC should be distancing themselves from Man City so they don’t alienate the possible supporters from the Tristate area that root for other English teams.

    1. Too Late. NY fans who support an EPL team already (most of them) know that this is mcfc’s litte sister and wont follow them. That is a big % of fans already lost. A lot of supporters that did not follow RBNY have started following the Cosmos. those fans lost. I cant see how you can have a die hard fan base for a team that will always be viewed as farm team to a bigger club, unless you support that bigger club. Even then they will be viewed as a #2 to mcfc.

      I am from NY, I know alot of soccer fans and this seems to be the majority opinion from the people i talk to.

      1. Give me a break… let’s be honest Americans support of epl teams is somewhat peripheral, if you’re gonna ignore your local team because they’re associated with City I feel bad for you son. For me the level of support is going to be dictated by access, and where they build the stadium. I love the red bulls and the stadium is prefect but for new Yorkers it’s not easy to get out there. NYFC will do just fine without the support of “die hard” city fans.

        1. “let’s be honest Americans support of epl teams is somewhat peripheral” — BS. Come to any soccer bar in queens sat and sun morning and say that again. Most NYers into this sport are from another country anyway.

          “if you’re gonna ignore your local team because they’re associated with City I feel bad for you son.” — Dont feel bad for me, My local is NY not manchester.

          Access will be a big factor but soccer fans are not you typical fan(even the the american ones) and right from the gate this team has alienated a large % of NY fans already.

          1. Sorry your shortsighted, it goes a lot deeper than just United fans.

            not to mention the yankee connection alienating some met fans.

            Not a true NY team, Sorry.

          2. B/C, I’m sorry but I fail to see how a team based in NYC will not be considered a true NY team.

            Also, I haven’t met anyone in the city (and I spend a lot of time in bars showing matches), save for a few Man United fans, who have said the association with City would keep them from supporting NYC FC. However, I would agree that they should back off some of the promotional materials that would suggest NYC FC would be a farm team. I can see how that would be the perception to some.

          3. Clampdown, watch the video. There are manchester players promoting NY?? how is that NEW YORK? running around in a manchester shirt. really shows your True NY i guess.

  2. Haha, hard to keep up with this true New Yorker/proper EPL fan. But before I stop feeding the troll a short appeal for public service: NY kids, you’re about to get a soccer team in your back yard stop spreading your contrived Man City distaste (weekday has City fine to your family?) and be happy you’ll have options to see in real life athletes in the sport you love compete at a high level. It’s inspiring and who knows maybe some day you or your kids will dream of “being like Mike” or like Yaya :-)

    1. We have a team in our backyard already. A True NY team. The NY Cosmos. Why be like Yaya when you can be like Pele!
      Sounds like Bob is a Man City fan 1st anyway.

      1. Yep, the backyard. Out on Long Island. I went to many Cosmos matches as a kid and am rooting for them now. But if they don’t play in the city I am not likely to attend more than a match per season.

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