Where to Buy the Colombia World Cup Shirt From adidas: Official [PHOTOS]

adidas has launched Colombia’s new shirt for World Cup 2014.

The base color is yellow, which is combined with elements of red, blue and white, mirroring the Colombian flag.

The new shirt is marked by three elements of major importance as symbols for Colombians, bringing a message of unity and pride for the country:

The ‘Vueltiao’ Hat: One of the most important national symbols of Colombian culture is printed on a blue strip in the upper front side of the jersey.

The Andean Condor: The wings of this national bird of Colombia, a symbol of strength and hope, are in the back with the colors of the flag, linked to the phrase #UNIDOSPORUNPAIS (which translates to ‘united for one country’). This message reflects the national sentiment that unites all Colombians under their national team.

White: The color of peace is present on the sleeves and the neck, as in the shorts, making the uniform more elegant and fresh.

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