FIFA Ethics Committee Is Unable to Remove World Cup 2022 From Qatar Even If Bribes Took Place, Says Report

FIFA’s ethics committee has no power to remove World Cup 2022 from Qatar even if bribes took place, according to a report today in The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The newspaper quotes a source who said:

“If [FIFA ethics investigator Michael] Garcia finds something which was wrong, the ethics committee has the right to take sanctions.

“But does he have the right to say ‘based on what I have found the World Cup should not be played in Qatar?’ No, he does not have that right.”

FIFA’s ethics committee can only sanction individuals. It has no power over FIFA’s decisions. Only FIFA’s executive committee, the one who voted for Qatar in the first place, has the power to change its decision.

Journalist Philippe Auclair recently wrote that “If Qatar was guilty of wrongdoing – which has never been satisfactorily substantiated – the real culprit was FIFA, which had allowed for this nefarious process to take place in the first instance.”

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7 thoughts on “FIFA Ethics Committee Is Unable to Remove World Cup 2022 From Qatar Even If Bribes Took Place, Says Report”

  1. So how did Qatar get the world cup in the first place? With a sound plan and a great proposal? No, of course it was with bribes.

    Sacks full of cash will always mean that your plan to play soccer games in 120 degree heat is A-O-K.

  2. There’s no point to the ethics committee if can’t do anything other than stating the obvious.

    I don’t think we need a committee to tell us that money was involved in the decision.

  3. $$$ is the only way you’ll get a reaction out of FIFA, and you need to do it via their corporate sponsors e.g. Nike, Adidas, Coke, etc. Also a fan boycott. Don’t go to Qatar, stay home and watch on TV. This would also work for Russia in 2018. Just because FIFA says so, doesn’t mean the fans have to follow.

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