Clint Dempsey Set For Transfer Back to the Premier League On Loan From MLS: Nightly Soccer Report

Clint Dempsey is set for a transfer back to the Premier League on loan from the Seattle Sounders. Tottenham Hotspur have first right of refusal, but The Mirror newspaper is reporting that Fulham, Aston Villa and Everton are interested in signing the American striker.

Seattle general manager Adrian Hanauer said:

“Clint’s contract allows him to go on loan for the off-season.

“All parties are working on a deal and we won’t be surprised if it happens.”

However, Dempsey has suffered a right calf strain injury, which has forced him to withdraw from the US national team squad. The injury should not rule him out of a loan deal to England however.

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7 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Set For Transfer Back to the Premier League On Loan From MLS: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Dempsey needs to go somewhere on loan. The guy who was playing for Seattle since August isn’t someone who should be captaining a national team (or probably even in the starting XI).

      1. A little early for that conclusion, no? To be fair, he’s been injured and has had to adapt to new teammates, who aren’t of the quality he is used to playing with. I would have preferred he stayed in England, just for the sake of his role with the Nats, but I can’t blame him for taking the dough and coming home.

      2. Juan Pablo Angel was pretty much the only DP that came to MLS and had an immediate impact. There are several theories on this (players usually come in like Duece where everyone is midseason and they are coming in without a training camp. Additionally, where the speed of the game and skill may not be as high, the individual athleticism of the players is typically higher (bigger, stronger, faster) and it takes some adjustment to make an impact for a more technical player. I think its really too soon to say one way or another, but I can’t blame the man. To be back in the States, get paid, and have a significantly higher profile in the league would be hard to turn down by anyone.

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