Manchester United-Arsenal Game On NBCSN Scores 3rd Most Viewers Ever For EPL Game On Cable

An average of 803,000 soccer fans tuned in to watch the live game between Manchester United and Arsenal on NBCSN on Sunday, November 10, making it the third most watched Premier League match on cable in US history.

In its first season of Premier League coverage, NBC already has televised two of the three most-watched EPL matches in US cable history:

1) Man United vs Man City, 4/30/12, ESPN, 1,033,000 viewers
2) Man City vs Man United, 9/22/13, NBCSN, 852,000 viewers
3) Manchester United vs Arsenal, 11/10/13, NBCSN, 803,000 viewers
4) Man United vs Man City, 4/8/13, ESPN, 611,000 viewers
5) Chelsea vs Arsenal, 12/27/10, ESPN2, 610,000 viewers

While Premier League viewership on US television continues to soar, MLS regular season viewership this year compared to last year was down 29% on ESPN and 8% on ESPN. The concern regarding poor MLS TV ratings is compounded by the fact that the WNBA’s regular season averaged more national TV viewers for each game than MLS this year.

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In the match between Manchester United against Arsenal, the Red Devils won the game with a goal by Robin van Persie.

11 thoughts on “Manchester United-Arsenal Game On NBCSN Scores 3rd Most Viewers Ever For EPL Game On Cable”

    1. Good question.

      Chelsea-Liverpool and Arsenal-Liverpool were shown on over-the-air networks (FOX and NBC respectively), not cable.

    1. Ratings for the NHL are still higher. The NBC Sports ratings for NHL have a higher peak and higher average then EPL. And for total numbers, looking at last years NHL playoffs it was pulling 2-4 million. We’re not there yet, but getting there.

      1. Actually, the numbers are pretty much the same. NHL regular season games on NBCSN averaged less than 400K viewers in each of the last two seasons (332K in 2012, 392K in 2013). EPL games on the same network were averaging 391K viewers at the end of September this year. NHL does draw huge audiences in postseason, but since EPL doesn’t have playoffs, you can’t make a fair comparison.

  1. Soccer haters in this country are gonna have a field day with the fact that WNBA averages more viewers than MLS. MLS needs to stop crowing about its attendance and start figuring out ways to dramatically improve its TV ratings because it’s embarrassing for a “major league” to get beaten by the joke that is WNBA.

    1. With all due respect, why insult WNBA? It makes us soccer fans look bad.
      I personally enjoy WNBA. For me, no need to insult other sports. I am not a fan of NASCAR or Lacrosse, but there’s no way I’m going to insult them.
      As a long term football/soccer fan (the first World Cup I watched was 1986), I cringed whenever I see this kind of statement: soccer used to be called joke, boring, etc. Let’s not do it to other sports – we’ll look petty.

  2. Yah, Ives just posted a link to an article about WNBA having higher average ratings than MLS…ouch…2 main reasons for me: mediocre product on the field, no consistency as to the games start times…

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