Manchester United Beat Liverpool to be Named Most Influential Club Brand in World: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester United have beaten Liverpool to be named the most influential soccer club brand in the world.

United received top honors after being voted for by a panel of independent judges to determine The Power List. One of the judges described Manchester United as “the only truly global British football brand.” Another added: “You can’t argue with that success and it is genuinely international.”

Liverpool were the second highest placed soccer club, while Barcelona were next followed by Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City. Real Madrid did not rank.

The most influential brands in licensing, in the sports category, are:

1. London 2012 Olympic Games
2. Manchester United
3. England Rugby
4. Wimbledon tennis
5. Liverpool FC
6. FC Barcelona
7. NBA
7. Chelsea FC
9. Tour De France
10. Arsenal
10. Premier League
12. 2012 Paralympics
12. WWE
12. Team GB
15. The FA
16. Tottenham
17. FIFA World Cup
18. Formula 1
18. The Ryder Cup
20. British Lions
21. Manchester City

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5 thoughts on “Manchester United Beat Liverpool to be Named Most Influential Club Brand in World: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I am at a bit of a loss here. So Man Utd are the ONLY truly global brand in UK? Makes this ahem!…. “survey”…. look childishly idiotic methinks.

  2. Interesting list. It seems a little British and Eurocentric. I mean, only one American brand on the list. Of course, we tend to enjoy sports in the US that aren’t enjoyed by anyone else and we have no history of significant empire-building, so maybe that’s why nobody cares about our stuff. It certainly is an interesting list.

  3. I can’t believe Team Great Britian made the list and Team USA didn’t? Also they have the The Ryder Cup but not the Masters? I’m guessing these “independent” judges were all English.

  4. The piece on the BT UCL TV rights is pretty interesting. If UEFA want UEL to get more interesting then they should take all that crazy extra money they recieved for the new UEFA rights and give it to the participents of the UEL.

    I could also see this being the early signs of the European Super League ala “NFL” of Europe.

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