Jurgen Klopp Says Arsenal Can Win the UEFA Champions League: Nightly Soccer Report

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp, who took his side to the UEFA Champions League Final last season, believes that Arsenal can win the tournament.

Klopp was speaking after his side was beaten on its own turf by Arsenal 1-0 in Germany. The Dortmund manager said:

“They are young, healthy and good technicians.

“They won a clever game and could go to the final and win it – as long as they don’t play against Bayern Munich.

“We had 11 shots before they scored and sometimes it was like they were defending with four legs, but football is a game of results.

“It is difficult after the game, but you have to look forward.

“It is a very strong group and the positive news tonight is that two wins and we will qualify.”

What’s your opinion? Do you believe Arsenal can go all the way to win the UEFA Champions League Final? And can they do it at the same time that they’re making a run for the Premier League title? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “Jurgen Klopp Says Arsenal Can Win the UEFA Champions League: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Oh that loss hurts my BVB :-( In third now and will have to win against Napoli and Marseille. Going to be difficult. This is the 3rd yr in a row BVB was put in one of the toughest groups, but it is the C.L after all.

    BVB needs to win against Napoli in Dortmund to have a chance to advance.

  2. It depends who Arsenal will play in the next rounds. Don’t know if they can beat Barcelona, Real Madrid or FC Hollywood if they play them in the CL before the final.

  3. Afta our game wit Dortmund in d 1st leg I predicted final 4 d gunners in c.l but in that sense I suggest that they shop up a clinical finisher this january to help them hold out plate for other domestic competition. Kudos to them. It’s a big result.

  4. If Chelsea did it as massive underdogs, no reason why Arsenal can’t either. However, it’s only November and Arsenal do tend to struggle through the winter months and lose confidence.
    Don’t start blowing up those inflatable CL Trophies just yet Arsenal Fans!

  5. Of course they have a chance, but I wouldn’t put them among the favorites just yet. Hypothetically in a two leg tie with the two results against Dortmund, Dortmund would have advanced on away goals anyway 😀

    Though unlike the last few seasons, Arsenal will probably win the group and avoid a big name from the start. That is where Arsenal were frustrating last two seasons, they started to field a “youth team” as soon as they qualified without thinking about first place and as a result they faced Barca and Bayern in the first knockout round

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