Germany Home Shirt for 2014 World Cup In Brazil: Leaked [PHOTO]

A photo of Germany’s home shirt for World Cup 2014 has been leaked by German newspaper Hamburger Morgen Post.

Germany’s home shirt for Brazil 2014 is a modern tribute to the stylish shirt that Germany wore in the 1990 World Cup when they won the tournament in Italy (see video below).

Designed by adidas, Germany’s new home shirt is scheduled to be officially unveiled next week. The Germany shirt features three bands of different-colored reds across the chest. The DFB crest has three stars above it (to recognize when Germany has won the World Cup; in 1954, 1974 and 1990).

The Germany kit for World Cup will feature white shorts and white socks. The name of the upcoming campaign from adidas and the German soccer federation will be “All in white.”

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7 thoughts on “Germany Home Shirt for 2014 World Cup In Brazil: Leaked [PHOTO]”

    1. If it’s leaked before it’s officially announced to the public, then yes.

      For soccer fans who don’t go on the Internet, the officially revealed shirts are the first time they’re seeing them.

  1. I find it highly unlikely that the shorts will be white. It is not like other Nations that switch colors around. I read somewhere that since the 1950s Germany played white on white in only four matches.
    The white on black look is at least as iconic as the Brazilian yellow or the Dutch orange.

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