8 Stadium Options for David Beckham’s Miami MLS Team

The return of MLS to South Florida is inevitable. All indications are that the franchise led by David Beckham is a go. The only two major questions that need to be answered are when the announcement will be made, and where the team will play.

For Major League Soccer to be successful in South Florida, the key ingredients are a winning team that plays attractive soccer, a world-class marketing machine and — perhaps most importantly of all — a stadium that’s ideally located that will be able to welcome soccer fans throughout the region.

The urban sprawl of South Florida spans a distance of approximately 100 miles from Miami-Dade County, through Broward County and up to Palm Beach County in the north. The span of 100 miles, easily accessible via the I-95 Corridor or Florida’s Turnpike, connects the 5.7 million inhabitants of the three South Florida counties. Interestingly, 2.5 million of the 5.7 million live in Miami-Dade County.

Before Beckham announces where his Miami MLS franchise will call home, here’s our analysis of the 8 stadium sites that Beckham and his advisors should consider:

FIU Stadium


Capacity: 20,000

Business entrepreneur and investor Marcelo Claure, who wined and dined Beckham when he was in Miami earlier this summer, is on the board of trustees of Florida International University, making the FIU Stadium an early favorite to house the Miami MLS team.


1. The location of the stadium is convenient for residents of Miami.


1. The stadium is in the middle of a college campus. While it’s convenient for students to walk across campus to attend games, driving from the main road to and from the stadium is tedious to say the least.

2. The stadium features a plastic turf that’s used for college football, but isn’t suitable for a MLS team.

3. Its location will discourage soccer fans from Broward and Palm Beach Counties from attending games. FIU Stadium is 30 minutes south and to the west of Sun Life Stadium. And that’s before taking into consideration all of the traffic congestion and toll booths.

4. Before Miami FC became the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the NASL team played at FIU Stadium. The attendance for some games at the stadium was in the hundreds.

5. No roof, which means there’s no relief from the heavy rainfall or bright sun.

6. The stadium’s facilities in the modular stadium are poor, so if a MLS team was to play at FIU Stadium, a major upgrade to press facilities and corporate boxes would be needed to bring it up to standards of comparable stadiums.

Rating: D


Sun Life Stadium

Miami Gardens

Capacity: 76,100

When Beckham visited South Florida in June to tour different stadiums, he also visited Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. The owner of the NFL team, Stephen Ross, is also rumored to be a co-investor in the Miami team along with Claure and, of course, Beckham.

In the past two years, Sun Life Stadium has hosted several major soccer games featuring attendances of 70,080 for Barcelona vs Chivas, 67,273 for Real Madrid vs Chelsea and 57,748 for AC Milan vs Chelsea — just to name a few.


1. The stadium was built purposefully for soccer, so the dimensions and quality of the pitch are ideal for soccer.

2. The stadium is conveniently located alongside the Florida’s Turnpike, with ramps from the highway directly to and from the stadium, making it very accessible.

3. The stadium is within easy driving distance for residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

4. Since Sun Life Stadium is located just over the border in Miami-Dade County, the team could feature the ‘Miami’ name and still be considered authentic (as opposed to the Miami Fusion who played in Fort Lauderdale, who didn’t have time to change their name at the last minute after a deal to play at the now defunct Orange Bowl collapsed).


1. The capacity of the stadium is 76,100, so the stadium could zap the energy even if there was a crowd of 20,000 inside the building.

2. No roof, which means there’s no relief from the heavy rainfall or bright sun.

Rating: B-


Adjacent to Sun Life Stadium

Miami Gardens

Capacity: TBD

Stephen Ross has been considering using some of the land adjacent to Sun Life Stadium to build a stadium for Miami’s MLS team, according to rumors.


1. If Ross and Beckham decide to invest by building a stadium adjacent to Sun Life Stadium, it would be a soccer-specific stadium that’s purposely built for the MLS team.

2. The stadium would be conveniently located alongside the Florida’s Turnpike, with ramps from the highway directly to and from the stadium.

3. The stadium is within easy driving distance for residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

4. The stadium would be in Miami Gardens, so a Miami-name would fit.


1. After the Miami Marlins stadium debacle, the likelihood of Beckham or Ross getting public funding for a stadium is slim to none, so Ross would probably have to spend his own money to make the stadium a reality. If that happens, the only question is whether the stadium would be ready in time. And, if not, whether the team would have to play temporarily in the neighboring Sun Life Stadium instead until the new facility was opened.

Rating: A


Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Capacity: N/A

Although no stadium is currently available in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the area has been touted as a possible future location for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers if the team leaves Lockhart Stadium.


1. None.


1. The cost to build a stadium in the area would be too cost-prohibitive.

2. The real estate is expensive. Plus there may be community opposition to having a stadium built in the area so close to luxury homes.

3. Traffic congestion. The area wouldn’t be easy to get in and out of.

4. Residents of Miami-Dade may be unwilling to drive the distance to attend games in that area.

5. The team wouldn’t have be able to have an authentic Miami name.

Rating: F


Lockhart Stadium

Fort Lauderdale

Capacity: 20,450

Lockhart Stadium has been the home of soccer in South Florida since 1977. Several iterations of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and Miami Fusion have played at the stadium. The ground has also hosted many international games over the years.


1. The stadium is conveniently located just west of I-95 in Fort Lauderdale, making it very accessible for residents of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


1. The stadium is in major need of redevelopment to turn it into a more modern facility.

2. Many residents of Miami-Dade would be unwilling to drive the distance to attend games in that area.

3. There are several obstacles in the way of redeveloping the land if Beckham wanted to turn it into a modern facility. The FAA has a lot of jurisdiction over the area since the stadium is next to an aircraft runway. Plus the stadium had been earmarked for a water park, so the City of Fort Lauderdale may have other plans for the facility.

4. No roof, which means there’s no relief from the heavy rainfall or bright sun.

Rating: C


FAU Stadium

Boca Raton

Capacity: 29,419

Based in Palm Beach County, FAU stadium is the home of the Florida Atlantic University college football team. The stadium has hosted international soccer friendlies including Germany against Ecuador and the USWNT versus China.


1. If the team was to play in Boca Raton, it would be the first professional team in the county and would instantly be on the radar of the 1.3 million people who call Palm Beach County home.


1. The stadium is in the middle of a college campus. While it’s convenient for students to walk across campus to attend games, driving from the main road to and from the stadium is tedious to say the least.

2. The team wouldn’t be able to use a Miami-name, thus losing its sex appeal to the league.

3. Most residents of Miami-Dade County wouldn’t drive to Palm Beach County since the perception is that it would be too far to drive.

4. The stadium was built for college football. While soccer can be played there, the sightlines are not conducive to an intimate soccer experience.

5. No roof.

Rating: C-


Miami Beach

Capacity: N/A

Miami Beach is the home to vacationing soccer players and tourists from around the world. The prime real estate doesn’t have a major stadium in the city. The closest thing to it is Flamingo Park, which is a small soccer field surrounded by an athletics track and a small number of bleachers.


1. The location would be set in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

2. The close proximity to the nightlife and beaches would make it an ideal destination for visiting teams (and fans).


1. The traffic congestion in the small city would not be conducive to having a stadium in its vicinity.

2. The prime real estate would mean it would cost a fortune to buy land and build a stadium.

Rating: D-


Marlins Park


Capacity: 37,000

The baseball stadium for Miami Marlins was opened in 2012, after costing $634 million (80% of that came from public money). Unfortunately, the baseball team had the second worst attendance in the league in 2013, with an average home attendance of 19,584.

There have been rumors that the stadium may be used on a temporary basis for soccer until a permanent one can be built.


1. The stadium is practically a brand-new building.

2. It’s located in downtown Miami, in the heart of the city.


1. The negative publicity regarding the stadium among baseball fans and fans of other sports can turned the stadium into the laughing stock of South Florida. Connecting the Miami MLS team to the stadium, even on a temporary basis, will generate bad press.

2. The stadium is not designed for soccer. The sight lines are poor, and it’s not an ideal experience for MLS soccer fans.

Rating: C-



For an area as large as South Florida, there are few viable options available especially if Beckham has his heart set on having the team in Miami. The most logical solution would be to built a new stadium adjacent to Sun Life Stadium, which would benefit from the location, road access and parking already in existence.

With the right location for Beckham’s MLS team in Miami, the franchise will have a sound foundation to build a successful organization. In contrast, a poor stadium choice in the beginning for the Miami MLS team could sink the operation before it’s even had a chance to sail.

20 thoughts on “8 Stadium Options for David Beckham’s Miami MLS Team”

  1. You forgot Marlins Park. A terrible option, but an option nonetheless.
    Alessandro Butini, the leader of the other MLS in Miami bid group told us on the Ultras Alive Show that he will have a stadium plan ready in the first days of December. It will be in or close to Downtown Miami. He will be in town this week. If you want to interview him contact me. You can listen to Alessandro’s interview on Ultras Alive here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/soccersupportersradionetwork/2013/10/01/ultras-alive-109

  2. Maybe it’s just me being a little biased but if Orlando City had to jump through hoops including a new stadium to even get consideration for MLS shouldn’t Miami and all that “Beckham money” have to come up with something similar? You would think with all that money floating around and the desire to get things done a 100-120m stadium wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This whole Miami deal seems to be built on vapor. No money people are actually present with a sporting vision-least of all Beckham which surprises and disappoints me. There isn’t even a civic vision. By this point you should think that cities in south Florida would be trying to attract attention and convince the players that their city is the one to invest in even if they don’t have much to contribute financially due to bad politics.

    MLS to Miami is a hard story to root for at this point.

    1. There is a lot of local buzz going on. I’ve been to a few bars this weekend in Miami and Miami Beach and it’s the talk of the town. Plus there is a new supporters group http://southernlegionmls.com/ As far as money folks with vision there are plenty. I’m willing to wait for a stadium to be built as long as they do this right. The Orlando vs Miami rivalry will be a good one.

  3. A Chicago Guy who has been at events in some of the locations and has family on Miami Beach.

    Sun Life stadium was the worst place to see a NFL game I do not see how it can do justice to soccer. Forgot the Beach when it comes to getting there it wil be impossible. Lockhart would be nice for a lot of reasons but major redevelopment is putting it mild.

    My thought is FAU. I have not been inside the stadium but do like the location.

  4. This is a great article. It really illustrates the challenge of how to best locate ONE soccer club in a large, sprawling metropolitan area. Of course, global soccer solves this by having multiple professional clubs in a metropolitan area. I kinda hope that is what eventually happens in the US. I hope that our appetite for local teams trumps the MLS model that decrees that everyone should be happy with ONE team and ONE league.

    Do other countries have urban sprawl problems like we do in the US? Or is this semi-unique because we have so much land and it leads to sprawling out?

  5. As a former Ft Lauderdale resident I’d love to see them use the land at Broward Blvd and 95 for the stadium. However as you point out then the club doesn’t have the Miami name on it. Ft Lauderdale is the perfect spot to put the stadium to make it convenient for WPB supporters and Miami people as well.

    I can’t think of an area where a stadium can be built down in Miami but then I never figured they’d knock the Orange Bowl down to build Marlins Park either.

    Very much looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

  6. I love how like four of these options don’t actually exist. And how “scuttlebutt” is now a thing that people can actually use as a source.

    Lastly, the idea that they wouldn’t be able to use “Miami” in the name if they didn’t play in Miami. Because that’s been a deal breaker for other teams before. Geez.

  7. I find this article well written but extremely slanted from a Miami-Dade County(MDC) perspective. All stadiums north of Countyline Rd gets a Con – too far for Miami residents to drive. All MDC county stadia get a Pro since they get to “Keep Miami in the name”. Honestly, don’t remember there being any mention of a name, i.e. Miami Fusion, Miami FC, Miami Tropical whatever, etc. We need to remember that there are MORE residents in SoFlo than just those in MDC. Building a new stadium in FLL gets an “F” but building in Miami/Dade gets a “D”. Both areas really should get an “F” – for basically the same reasons – traffic/costs/travel/congestion. The only new build that seems to be a decent option is the land adjacent to Joe Robbie Stadium (yes JRS!). This would be centralized for both Broward County and MDC, yet reachable for Palm Beach County (PBC) as well. Another thing to think about was that there was talk of building a new stadium out in the City of Sunrise area, for the Strikers (or maybe a new club). This would be in the Sawgrass Mills area near BB&T. This is even more accessible to MDC, Broward & PBC. Turnpike to Sawgrass, Turnpike to 595, I75 to Sawgrass… all roads lead to Rome?!?!?
    All that said, I think Lockhart should be getting an lower grade since there a major Con: there is already someone ‘sleeping in that bed”. The Strikers do not appear to be going anywhere soon! (Hopefully they won’t be going anywhere at all!)
    The other other option that seems pretty viable and should have received a better grade is the FAU (Boca) stadium. The stadium is directly off Glades & I95. A bit far from the nearest Tri-Rail station on Yamato but a 5 minute cab ride or ideally a shuttle ride to the campus. Add to that, there’s a tad more disposable income in PBC than MDC.
    Just my $0.02…Sgt

  8. I think you got your population #’s well off Gaffer, there’s approx. 5.7 million in South Florida (2.6M in Miami-Dade, 1.8M in Broward & 1.3M in Palm Beach)

    1. Thanks mate for the information on that. I updated the article to reflect the numbers. My original research numbers failed me on that!

  9. I think you underestimate the distance between downtown and sun life. For me it is a 35 minute drive each way, and that is without the crazy traffic we get for game days. For the ICC it took me roughly 3 hours to get to the stadium. Furthermore, FIU is not that far from everywhere and would likely be able to undergo the necessary renovations. Also I think the FIU stadium will be able to keep an intimate atmosphere and bring together everyone from Miami. Also the areas north of Miami-dade are not nearly as soccer crazy as the county is.

  10. FIU’s stadium is the best option. It too is right off the turnpike. There have been discussions about changing to natural grass, and an MLS team will justify that change.

    The stadium was built with the intention to continue to build onto it. If revenue, and an MLS team are coming in the future of the stadium is bright. Press boxes as a negative for a stadium is ridiculous.

    The location of FIU’s stadium is ideal for those fans that live further south. I know hundreds of potential ticket buyers that will not make the drive to Broward/Lockhardt/Ft. Lauderdale.

    I hope Sun Life isn’t chose, what a terribly, non-intimate way to watch a soccer game that will likely draw 10-15k

  11. How about buying, then knocking down Flagler Dog Track/Magic City Casino and building a soccer-specific stadium there? It’s not far from the 826 via Le Jeune Road. There looks like enough land there for a smallish stadium, maybe 18,000 capacity.

  12. As a Striker supporter I can assure you we will only support an MLS team call the Ftl. Strikers at historic Lockhart stadium with or without David.

  13. Beckham could look at the old Bicentennial park, over by the basketball arena. It was one of the early proposed sites for the baseball stadium.

  14. What about the land adjacent to the BB&T Center in Sunrise where the Florida Panthers play? Easy access from I-75 & the Sawgrass Expressway. Surrounding area filled with restaurants, sawgrass mills mall & hotels. Making soccer relevant in South Florida is similar to the struggle the Panthers have had making hockey relevant yet the Panthers still draw decent crowds due to the location of the arena.

  15. Although not based in Miami, the FAU stadium is the best option. It has 30k seats and an I-95 exit under construction and is 100x better than the s***hole that FIU calls a stadium. Why spend a bunch of money to upgrade that to make it as nice as FAU’s stadium when you can spend no money in Boca because FAU’s stadium is already super nice?

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