Cardiff City’s Head Of Recruitment Being Investigated By UK Immigration Over Visa Issues

Cardiff City’s head of recruitment, Alisher Apsalyamov, is being investigated by the immigration office in the United Kingdom regarding issues with his visa, according to Sky Sports.

Apsalyamov, the controversial figure who is a friend of Vincent Tan‘s son and was promoted to become the temporary head of recruitment at Cardiff before the previous head of recruitment Iain Moody was sacked, has been asked to step down from his position at Cardiff City FC while the Home Office investigates his work permit case.

Earlier this summer, Apsalyamov was one of the painters refurbishing the Cardiff City Stadium. Although he has no experience with scouting or recruiting, Tan promoted him to Moody’s position against the will of Cardiff manager Malky Mackay, who is good friends with Moody.

The 23-year-old Kazakh has reportedly let his 12-month visa lapse, which was for an internship at Cardiff City Stadium.

Cardiff’s next match in the Premier League is this Sunday against rivals Swansea City in the first-ever South Wales derby to be played in the Premier League.

2 thoughts on “Cardiff City’s Head Of Recruitment Being Investigated By UK Immigration Over Visa Issues”

  1. Apsalyamov (to Tan): I didn’t let my visa lapse! I paid my bill!

    Tan: No, you idiot. Your WORK visa!

    Apsalyamov: Oh. Man, I should switch to Discover. (goes back to playing FIFA on the PlayStation) Hey, I know a great guy we could get! Messi! He is so good in this game!

  2. i hope the SWANS kick blue i mean red dragons A$$.cardiff made a deal with the devil mr lay down with a dog you wake with fleas.GO SWANS!

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