Is This Man the Number One Arsenal Supporter Out There? Watch NBC’s ‘I Was There’ [VIDEO]

Is this man featured in the video below the number one Arsenal supporter? Perhaps, but there’s no mistaking that he’s a devoted fan who lives and breathes Arsenal Football Club.

One of the hidden gems of NBC’s Premier League coverage has been their I Was There series, and this one is another insightful look into the life of people close to the sport that we love.

According to NBC, the “NBC Sports ‘I Was There’ series takes us through matchday with man known as ‘The Arsenal Bully’ on a day when the club defeated Norwich City 4-1 at the Emirates and scored a team goal that he says he will never forget.”

Here’s the video:

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15 thoughts on “Is This Man the Number One Arsenal Supporter Out There? Watch NBC’s ‘I Was There’ [VIDEO]”

    1. Leave it to someone to always try to take the glitter out of a human interest story. Oh well, as the world turns.

    1. My God, this ‘dust’ just wont stop with his comments. An unfunny man who believes he knows it all and absolutely LOVES to hear himself talk.

  1. watch out if Forest ever makes it back i will get multiple piercings tattoos and hair implants and i will be on i was there video.i don’t think i will have to worry the way Forest is strikers forever.

    1. Watch what you promise there – from my reading of the table it would appear that the Tricky Trees would qualify for the promotion playoff if the Championship season ended today.

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