Tottenham Hotspur Launch Ambitious NFL Stadium Plans: Daily Soccer Report

Tottenham Hotspur are interested in partnering with a London-based NFL team to share the new White Hart Lane stadium, which could be ready for opening in 2016.

According to Metro newspaper today, the combined effort could help build a new 65,000-seat stadium. Tottenham recently appointed new architects who could be drawing up plans for a stadium that would work for both soccer and American football. The plans would include a pitch that would slide out to protect the surface when it’s used for NFL games.

There’s plenty of speculation regarding the story, but according to the newspaper, “A Spurs spokesman refused to rule out the club working with an NFL franchise and insisted the ‘New White Hart Lane’ would be a multi-purpose arena.”

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22 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Launch Ambitious NFL Stadium Plans: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. I know Gooddell wants a team in London, but the way stadiums get build in the States will make it completely unpalatable in the austerity conscious UK.Only if the NFL agrees to split the bill, which will make a number of cities here pissed, I don’t see the funding coming in. However, the likely scenario would involve a team moving instead of expanding. On last remark, London is the NFL’s alternative threat since the LA one isn’t that powerful anymore.

  2. Why would NFL need a team in London? NFL is full of mediocre to plain awful teams. The overall league quality is abysmally low as is it. The recent MNP game with Gaints vs Vikings comes to mind.

  3. How about a swap deal? An NFL franchise relocating here and the Manchester United franchise relocating to the US. Everyones a winner.

  4. Dumb. NFL – bunch of fat overweight guys with stomachs hanging out pushing around and acting as every play was the game winning play. These guys wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Australian rules football.

    1. Are you serious with this? This smashes all expectations as one of the more ignorant comments on here.

      Keep up the good work!

      1. I am not sure if they are giving you the thumbs down for defending the NFL or because R.O is a Master Contributor. Either way, who knew this amount of World Soccer Talk supports disliked the NFL.

  5. The NFL has a huge problem with its plans to locate a franchise in London: the NFL Player’s Association is dead set against it.

    The NFLPA believes that the league can’t move a team to London without approval from the union. The NFLPA regards the change in workplace conditions to be a mandatory subject of bargaining, which means that the NFL would have to raise it with the union and the two sides would have to come to some sort of an agreement regarding the concessions the league will make in order to permit a team to move to London.

    It’s possible that the NFLPA simply will never agree to a London move. If the board of player representatives and the union’s Executive Committee realize that any of them could be traded to the London team, or could have a London-based team as their only option for ongoing NFL employment via free agency, keeping a team out of London would keep that from ever happening.

    1. London is not much more of a flight to the NE corridor than, say, San Diego, Phoenix, etc.

      But in terms of overall travel the players on a London team would be logging WAY more travel time than the usual club I’d think. So I can see why the NFLPA is against it.

      Of course, there is the fact that it is a pretty damned weak union in general.

    1. Yeah this – assuming finally someone decamps for LA (and I am surprised we are almost 20 years on without anyone making that happen.)

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