Why It’s Time For Sir Alex Ferguson To Let Others Do The Talking

Sir Alex Ferguson, we know you’re arguably the greatest coach in club soccer history.

We are fully cognizant of your greatness, where even begrudging Liverpool or Manchester City fans, or still bitter Bayern Munich or Chelsea supporters from those devastating European Cup finals nights where your team denied them the ultimate prize, can respect the resume you have built.

You are a global icon whose accomplishments, stature, and image will never be forgotten. Your daily presence at Old Trafford has been missed since you announced your retirement five months ago.

Even those who are casual soccer fans in America know your aura. Even those who barely are soccer fans in general, like Charlie Rose, aren’t ignorant to your amazing credentials especially after he had you on his show.

Now Sir Alex, please do us the favor and let others do the talking.

For a man who is retired from football management, you Sir Alex surely have not retired that mouth of yours.

You can’t go one hour in the footballing community on Twitter without having to see Sir Alex’s name there. In fact, it’s still capable of being a global trending topic on Twitter like it was on Tuesday. You can’t go one minute without seeing a soccer news site have an article about his words or him in general. Hell, you can’t even watch recent clips of Charlie Rose without running into the Glaswegian.

Now with his autobiography in book stores, Sir Alex really has not only become quite unbearable, but he’s also shown himself to truly be a controlling egomaniac and tyrant who has burned his bridges with a lot of people over the years.

When you make Roy Keane, of all people, a sympathetic figure, that is when you have truly become world class annoying.

His comments on Rafa Benitez are quite hypocritical, considering that the adjectives “unimaginative” and “dull” he mentioned to describe the Spaniard’s teams while he was a manager at Liverpool can easily be applied to his good friend Jose Mourinho’s first tenure at Chelsea. You don’t see Sir Alex giving The Special One that same public condemnation he gave Benitez now, do you?

And if anyone needed more evidence of Ferguson being as much of a prima donna as he accuses David Beckham of being once again, look no further to the following sentence about how his relationship with the globally renowned right midfielder deteriorated.

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