Crystal Palace Manager Ian Holloway Leaves Club

Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway has left the club less than a year after being put in charge of the Premier League club, according to a report by the BBC.

Holloway’s team was on the receiving end of an emphatic 4-1 home defeat against Fulham on Monday night, and the club currently sits second from bottom in the Premier League with just three points after one win this season (against Sunderland, at Selhurst Park).

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Under Holloway’s management, he helped Crystal Palace get promoted to the Premier League last season after defeating Watford in the final at Wembley. At Crystal Palace, Holloway had a win percentage of 30% compared to 38% when he managed Blackpool.

However, it cannot go without saying that Palace have given Holloway very little support in the transfer market, and the manager has done as well as he can with the resources he has at his disposal. The way that Palace have managed their transfer activity was an indication that Palace were not willing to invest heavily to stay in the top flight, but that they were hoping to strengthen next season after they received a parachute payment if the club was to be relegated.

Holloway explained during his press conference today that he will consult with the club to help them find the next manager, but that he feels it’s time for someone new and that “I’ve lost the spirit of that group. I owe it to the lads to admit that.”

12 thoughts on “Crystal Palace Manager Ian Holloway Leaves Club”

  1. The Guardian is reporting that Parish tried to get him to stay, but Holloway adamantly wanted out.

    Enter Neil Warnock. Palarse is screwed!

  2. Talksport are saying he gave his resignation … This seems a strange situation… Sorry to Palace fans, he had them going in the right direction


  3. And I don’t really feel bad for Ollie. He should have stayed at Blackpool, but he started thinking of himself as a big time charlie.

  4. I knew he was in trouble shortly after I wrote my article yesterday. I read a report that quoted official at Palace and they were giving their thoughts on what tactics the team should be using.

    Once management starts describing how THEY think the team should set up and what style of play they should be utilizing….the manager is in trouble.

    1. “I read a report that quoted official at Palace and they were giving their thoughts on what tactics the team should be using.”

      Was it this one?

      I thought he was going “Toe to Toe” with BPL big boys?

      He bought Chamakh! He also bought players and didn’t add them to his 25 man roster so they were ineligible, lol the man was grossly negligent in his job…its no wonder he has been fired!

  5. The squad was not really good enough to get promoted. They went on a great run. They were always going down this season. The squad is so poor and very thin. Why not stay behind the manager and enjoy the ride and work on building more youth so that you have a chance to bounce back up in two years?

  6. Gaffer,

    They Spent 18.5m on players, 6m more than hull.

    The problem wasn’t money, it was players bought with the money. 17 players brought in. Just the wages alone are massive. Then add the fact he signed players and didn’t add them to the roster.

    He’s admitted he’s out of his depth & had lost the team.
    It’s not that I don’t think he’s a nice guy, but he is limited, he is a championship manager, at least he has good self awareness.

    6m on Dwight Gayle from Peterborough…what was that? And then plays him out of position.

    Palace not having a director of football to do the business has meant he’s wasted a lot of money.

    How much was Michu?
    Scott Parker?

    What about loan deals from other BPL clubs?
    It sucks for palace fans, but he wasn’t good enough.

    1. Transfermarkt reports that the Dwight Gayle transfer was £4.6million. That was a very astute buy, and he’s been Palace’s best player so far, and will one day play for England (probably when he moves on to a bigger club).

      Hull did well on three transfers — Huddlestone and Sagbo, as well as a loan signing of Livermore.

      I would argue that Hull was a MUCH stronger squad that was promoted than Palace. Very few people expected Palace to go up, and they needed strengthening throughout the squad to have any chance of staying up this season.

      1. I agree the hull squad was stronger, as for expectations about going down could’ve been said about Swansea expectations in staying up or Norwich etc…

        They just had the wrong guy making the decisions in holloway. Palace already had Bruce & Warnock but they quit too.

        they could have spent their money a lot better, 18m is quite a chunk of change to waste.

  7. Another thought, I listened to Steve Parry interview just a week ago he said that palace’s brand of football wasn’t right for the premier league as it wasn’t possession based. Pulis defensively might be a good move, but is it the right one?

    Will it be a British manager? Is there a BPL number two that could do a job?

    Will Steve return? Maybe Clough? Maybe Stuart Pearce? Bob Bradley? Ole Gunner? Brian Kidd?

    Clough would be my choice from a footballing standpoint I hope they get it right for their sake, be a shame for then to set a new points low and get relegated.

    I’m still hoping Farsenal crumble and finish 18th…lol

    1. Nigel Clough was appointed as manager of Sheffield United today, so he’s out of the running. Personally, I would give the job to Tony Pulis, but it doesn’t matter who gets the job, it’s an almost impossible feat to keep them up.

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