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Sir Alex Ferguson Grilled On Politics, Control And Footballers [VIDEO]

channel 4 jon snow Sir Alex Ferguson Grilled On Politics, Control And Footballers [VIDEO]

For once, someone has been willing to stand up to Sir Alex Ferguson, to ask him the tough questions and to put him on the defensive.

The interviewer, Jon Snow of Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, grilled Sir Alex Ferguson on a variety of topics in conjunction with the release of his new autobiography.

While the vast majority of the UK media fawned over Ferguson, reducing Sky Sports News practically to “Sir Alex Ferguson News” today, veteran journalist Snow asked several hardball questions instead of the typical softball questions Ferguson is used to.

Watch the video here:

H/T 101GG.

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5 Responses to Sir Alex Ferguson Grilled On Politics, Control And Footballers [VIDEO]

  1. dxcnight says:

    Interesting to see it’s still acceptable to be a socialist in Europe.

    • Dust says:

      What SAF Regards as “Socialist” & what republican America does I’m sure do not add to the same thing.

      Almost every other region on the planet outside if the states has a better grasp of reality of “socialism” and its varying options/formats.

      To many republican americans have no idea what it actually is or means, which is strange esp considering Americans in general have many many ways to get to the truth & the vast array of knowledge available in books, educational institutions and yes, the internet all have the reality, cable news, not so much.

      • Nonsense says:

        “Almost every other region on the planet outside of the states has a better grasp of reality of “socialism” and its varying options/formats”.

        “Many republican americans have no idea what it actually means”

        Really? Please share with me the comprehensive research you compiled to make these sweeping generalizations. Or can I make the sweeping generalization that those who make these type of statements are pompous self-righteous windbags?

  2. EPLNFL says:

    Well he is from the Red half of Manchester? Will Kartik now have a more favorable opinion of him since he has made clear his pro Labor feelings? (Lol).

    A bit tougher than his Charlie Rose interview but expected from a domestic interviewer. Thought that the Glazer questioning was a bit unfair. What’s owner in his right mind would not have given him a free hand. Well we can name a few.

  3. MoyesvMouvPelli says:

    Sorry Gaffer but when you have the Record Fergie has and did what he did then you rightly deserve to be fawned over. ABUs man damn you all. Fergie had to deal with the bs from Kournos for the past 27 years let him vatch a break and drink his damn wine so what if hes a socialist he grew up jn a diff time than ours and thus has a diff view on things. Hes not a racist like Mr. terry. No wonder the guy retired every week having to put people in there place would get tiresom. Anything for a click or to get printed. Can he do anything that is not controversial? Fergie breathes air should be the next headline for you. I guess you believe he ran the FA like some and controlled things from the background

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