Holland Home Shirt For World Cup 2014 Revealed: Leaked [PHOTOS]

Photos of Holland’s home shirt for World Cup 2014 have been leaked on the Internet.

Holland’s home shirt for Brazil 2014 is a combination of a retro look with a modern shirt. The Netherlands team crest looks more retro and regal than previous crests used in the past. This is combined with a shirt that has a modern look to it, particularly the lighter shade of orange stripe that runs up the back, and over the v-neck collar of the front of the shirt. The Dutch home shirt also appears to have white cuffs at the bottom of the short-sleeves that can be rolled up or in.

The design of the Netherlands home shirt looks like a winner to me. It’s a bold, classic design from Nike.

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What’s your opinion about it? Share your critique in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Holland Home Shirt For World Cup 2014 Revealed: Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. Is that shadow stripe design around the neck consistent with anything else Nike is doing? It looks a little like the design on the Incyte balls, but you’d think they’d have a new design for a 2014 kit.


  2. This actually looks good. I was hoping for a somewhat 1988 retro look but a bit more modern which I can see here. I thought they were making a boring kit but it looks good. I also like the classic KNVB crest!!!

  3. I like this much better than the past uniforms. It hearkens to the 1974-80 time frame which is, in my mind, the “classic” Oranje look. The only change I might make would be to make the classic Lion black to match the 74-80 shirt. Otherwise, very happy!

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