Will Brazil 2014 Be The Last Time The World Cup Matters?: Daily Soccer Report

An article in the New Statesman today questions whether Brazil 2014 will be the last time the World Cup matters. The article raises the point that:

“International football could be the purest of competitions, but the dominance of the global club brands, the bloated finals tournament and lack of surprise factor together with distaste for FIFA mean that it’s increasingly becoming irrelevant.

“From Brazil 2014, it is estimated that FIFA – a charitable body based in Switzerland – will earn $5bn. In 2012, the organization reported a profit of $89m, with reserves totaling $1.378bn. To win the right to stage the finals, countries must agree to FIFA’s stipulations on tax. And they are that it pays no tax whatsoever. Conservative estimates are that this exemption will see Brazil’s Internal Revenue Service lose out on $248.7m. Tax expert Han Kogels told CNN: “I was (and still am) not aware of any other international commercial sport event being subsidized through full tax exemption at the cost of other taxpayers.”

It’s important to note that the article is written from a perspective of a writer in England, where the opposition to FIFA may be greater than in other nations. However, his points still stand given that FIFA is a cash cow that generates a ton of revenue for itself, is allegedly corrupt and run inefficiently, and creates a tournament that isn’t as thrilling as ones in previous decades.

Having said all that, I disagree that Brazil 2014 will be the last World Cup that matters. Whenever you have international countries participating in a tournament, national pride trumps everything. Sports fans will be quite forgiving as long as the stadiums are built and the games are played. To purists, the last World Cup that mattered was perhaps World Cup 1986 or World Cup 1990. If Brazil World Cup 2014 matters to soccer fans on the globe, then all future World Cups will continue to matter as long as countries are participating.

Thoughts? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Will Brazil 2014 Be The Last Time The World Cup Matters?: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Great story about the Wolves fan and Bull showing up at the wedding. Amazing stuff there.

    And the guy actually lives in Ipswich which makes for a 330 mile round trip every other weekend. Wow!!!

  2. I would argue that it already is irrelevant. It has been eclipsed by the Champions League. And FIFA is not allegedly corrupt, it is blatantly crooked as a stick. That fact taints the beautiful game, and the next two venues will further tarnish FIFA’s already bad image.

  3. Regardless of how we all feel about FIFA, the World Cup is and will always be the pinnacle. Its right up there with the Olympics. Yes the qualifying is too long and disruptive but who among us will not be watching next June or 2018 or 2022 etc.. Nothing beats the World Cup finals for atmosphere, drama and history.

  4. I think the billions of fans not living in England beg to differ to that grim outlook on the future of the World Cup. Nobody will tell me they’re looking forward to the Champions League the way they look forward to the World Cup; noone that I know of, no matter their background. In fact as far as many fans are concerned top level football might as well just be about the World Cup. It’s easy for a fan of the top league in the world to ponder the question what matters most country or club. However there are hundreds of league around the world who can’t be as blessed as England and where top quality football is completely absent; and even if they had top quality football, they still prefer the World Cup, such is their mindset.

  5. I truly feel the World Cup has been irrelevant since the 90’s. When was the last truly great tournament? 1986? Back then it felt like a WC because most players played in the nations they were born in. Now with foreigners in every league there’s no suspense when the top players come up against each other. They do all the time now and the mystique has faded. Plus the bloating of the tournament to 32 teams really spelled the death knell. 24 sides was fine. It’s the same thing that will ruin the European Championships. Can anybody truly tell me there’s been a classic game in the last three WC’s? Or a major star in the same vein as Maradona, Pele etc ? No and this is why the WC has faded from the importance it once had.

  6. FIFA is a *****, we all agree but this article – written by a euro-centric writer from England – a country that has been irrelevant to the World Cup, since – 1966.

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