This Incredible Own Goal Wins Goal Of The Weekend [VIDEO]

We had a ton of different videos to choose from this weekend to find our goal of the weekend, and the winner is in fact an own goal!

Jackson of Brazilian team Internacional grabbed the goal of the weekend honors by lobbing his goalkeeper to gift Gremio the goal. If only he could have scored a goal like that into the other net.

The runners-up for the goal of the weekend this week are:

Arron Davies for Exeter City against Scunthorpe

Alex Galvez for Rayo Vallecano against Almeria

Constantin Budescu for Astra Giurgiu against Dinamo Bucuresti

4 thoughts on “This Incredible Own Goal Wins Goal Of The Weekend [VIDEO]”

        1. I should clarify that the Goal of the Weekend column features goals that we otherwise didn’t feature on the site over the weekend, so the name is a little misleading. We already called Wilshere’s goal the goal of the season thus far, but since we already featured it on Saturday, we included some new goals today to view.

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