European Play-Off Ties Revealed for 8 Teams Vying For Place at World Cup 2014

FIFA this morning announced the playoff matches involving the eight European teams vying for a place in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The playoff matches (home and away) are:





Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, will play Sweden, led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which means that only one of those two superstars will be playing at World Cup 2014.

In the other matches, France should beat Ukraine over two legs if they play as well as they did in many of their matches. Greece faces a tricky tie against Romania, but Greece should be happy that they’re getting Romania instead of some of the other teams.

Last but not least, Iceland has an excellent opportunity to qualify for the World Cup for the first time ever with their two-legs against Croatia, who have a new manager.

Which four teams do you think will advance to World Cup 2014? Post your predictions in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “European Play-Off Ties Revealed for 8 Teams Vying For Place at World Cup 2014”

  1. Croatia are good. I dont see iceland qualifying.

    Other than that im disappointed only 1 of Portugal and Sweden will get in while 1 of Greece or Romania will.

    1. Their performances in qualification weren’t that good. Lost to Scotland twice, deserved to lose to Wales and scraped a few results, winning without playing well at all.

      Iceland will never have a better chance of qualifying and they have a great chance.

  2. POR/SWE: Tie of the round, shame both won’t make it. Sweden have a fantastic attack but a awful defense as the games against Germany show (they scored 7 goals against the Germans but conceded 9). Portugal also already have experienced playoff success so I give them a slight edge, but Sweden have their chances.

    UKR/FRA: Not a straight forward draw for France but over two legs they should progress. Both teams come into the playoffs on good form but Ukraine’s history is playoffs is abysmal a 0% success rate in 3-4 tries.

    GRE/ROU: Slight edge to Greece due to their experience and knowhow, both teams play a rigid defensive style and neither team will give neutrals joy in Brazil. Good opportunity for Romania though, they will be happy with the draw

    ISL/CRO: Both teams I think will be happy with the draw, Iceland are big outsiders but they have played well and have interesting young players while Croatia sacked their coach and are in bad form. Under “normal” circumstances I would say Croatia, but I am worried about their form and mentality

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