Cardiff City Gifts Goal to Chelsea After Goalkeeper Loses Ball While Bouncing It [GIF]

Cardiff City goalkeeper David Marshall gifted a goal to Chelsea today at Stamford Bridge after he bounced the ball in his penalty area but the ball hit Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o. The Cameroon striker then teamed up with Eden Hazard for the Belgian to score the goal to equalize.

Should the referee have blown his whistle because Eto’o knocked the ball out of Marshall’s hands? Or did he drop the ball and it became a live ball whereby Eto’o had every right to kick it? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Earlier in the match, another freak goal happened when David Luiz got caught out by some poor defending where he left the ball for Petr Cech to pick up but Cardiff’s Jordan Mutch snuck behind Luiz to open the scoring for Cardiff.

6 thoughts on “Cardiff City Gifts Goal to Chelsea After Goalkeeper Loses Ball While Bouncing It [GIF]”

  1. its clear that it should not have been a goal, but it does bring up the bigger question of a rule change…
    what reason is there for a goalie to bounce the ball anyway? and what if he lets it bounce two or three times without catching it between bounces? under current rules its still “in his possession” but i think a forward should have every right to come in and nick it…

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