Manchester United to Consider Return of Safe Standing: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester United have expressed an interested in investigating the viability of adding a safe standing area into Old Trafford.

According to a report in The Independent newspaper, the article reads:

The Independent understands that the club’s new chief executive, Ed Woodward, expressed a willingness to explore the idea when supporters’ representatives put it to him at a recent fans’ forum. With Woodward’s experience of standing at Chelmsford City, in his native Essex, being a contributing factor, the Premier League champions have now agreed to look at the logistics of altering the Old Trafford infrastructure to accommodate the increased number of supporters that a safe-standing area might bring.”

While United’s efforts should be applauded, it’ll be very unlikely that the Premier League will allow it. If controlled and modeled after the Bundesliga safe standing initiative, it could work and would generate better atmospheres in English grounds, but I don’t see the Premier League or FA changing their stance on this one.

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Manchester United to Consider Return of Safe Standing: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Positive development – I hope they do this.

    Germany does it and the match-going demographic there is a good bit younger and more energetic than the big clubs in the UK.

    I think this kind of thing would do wonders for the atmosphere particularly at a lot of the bigger clubs.

  2. All seater stadiums killed the game’s atmosphere. I’m all for a standing area. Times have changed from when you were herded in like sardines with little or no safety controls. You spent the entire game expending significant energy just to keep upright. But the experience of thousands chanting, singing and going berserk when a goal was scored was very tribal and exhilarating.

    Let’s start the trial period.

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