The Undervalued Importance of Assistant Managers

Clough was outspoken, full of self-belief, and grandiose. He was more than comfortable having the spotlight and cameras directed at himself. He was a footballing genius… and he knew it.

Taylor was an outstanding evaluator of talent. He complimented Clough’s brash displays by remaining calm and collected. Clough maintained a tremendous amount of trust and respect for Taylor. Although Peter Taylor was offered many managerial positions throughout his career, he chose to work alongside Clough for fifteen years.

There was a time when Clough and Taylor had a falling out. In 1974, Taylor ended up taking the manager position at Brighton & Hove Albion for two seasons before returning to Clough’s staff at Nottingham Forest in 1976. During their time at Nottingham Forest, the duo directed the club to numerous English titles. But Clough and Taylor’s crowning achievement was leading Nottingham Forest to back to back European Cups (1978-79 and 1979-80).

Peter Taylor died suddenly in October 1990. Nine years later, a bust of Brian Clough was unveiled at City Ground (Nottingham Forest). Clough asked for the “Brian Clough Stand” to be renamed the “Brian Clough and Peter Taylor Stand” to show respect to his longtime friend and assistant.

In 2010, Derby County unveiled “The Brian Clough and Peter Taylor Monument” at Pride Park Stadium.

With the growth of media outlets, assistant managers and other game day staff are beginning to receive more recognition. There are times when assistant managers will handle media responsibilities (pre- and post-match interview, press conferences, etc.) for the boss. But their contributions still remain vastly undervalued by the majority of fans. But there’s no question of their value to the club or its manager. Loyal and trustworthy assistants are the unsung heroes of football management.

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