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Roy Hodgson Has Best Record As England Manager Since 1872

telegraph newspaper Roy Hodgson Has Best Record As England Manager Since 1872

Maybe it’s time that the British press should give England manager Roy Hodgson some credit? According to the latest data from the excellent website, Roy Hodgson now has the best record percentage out of all of the England managers since 1872, when the Football Association formed its first England team.

Hodgson has a record percentage of 77.27%, with England only losing one match under his charge when England drew Italy 0-0 in regular time at the Euro 2012 semi-final, but lost 4-2 on penalty kicks. Hodgson’s record narrowly beats that of former England manager Fabio Capello who, while he had a better win percentage, lost six matches compared to Hodgson who has only lost one but drawn eight of 22.

Here’s the complete graph of statistics from 1872 through to today:

england manager record 600x343 Roy Hodgson Has Best Record As England Manager Since 1872

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4 Responses to Roy Hodgson Has Best Record As England Manager Since 1872

  1. Dust says:

    If you do the win % accurately and judged based on time in tenure equally it’s not the same. Capello’s failings were not in qualifying, England eased through qualifying, it’s in tournaments Capello lost it. & before Capello had a chance to rectify he resigned & Roy took over a team set up diff for the euro’s.

    Roy repeatedly made sure everyone knew , he had no chance to put his stamp on that tournament. So to include it is not accurate either–start from post euro tourney.

    The comparison should be for the same period for all mangers, you need like for like analysis.

    While Numbers may never lie, people spin & interpretation do.

  2. Dust says:

    Also they question of who’s really responsible for the sudden tactical changes, some suggesting the documented arguments of should they play Townsend etc were actually Gary Nevile’s influence and insistence that England attack. If thats the case then Roy may deserve praise for taking on Neville”a opinion & tactics & all evidence of Roy’s career show the attacking youthful approach for Eng wasn’t his.

  3. brn442 says:

    Months ago, Gary Neville gave an very interesting interview on BBC’S 5 live, on the lack of technical ability in past English sides and how that is changing for the better due to foreign players in the Premier League.

    England will never be Barcelona and Hodgson knows that.

    Hodgson should be judged on how close he gets England to silverware, not on his winning percentage.

  4. Scrumper says:

    I have to say well done Roy. I’m actually looking forward to next year’s WC, and not because England made it. The clinical tippy tappy Spanish style is on the wane and hopefully we’ll get a return to end to end passionate stuff especially from the South American sides eager to please the screaming fans in their own back yard.

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