Front Covers Of Mexico Newspapers Praising USA Soccer Victory [PHOTOS]

After the United States defeated Panama 3-2 last night in World Cup qualifying, the victory meant that Mexico — despite losing 2-1 to Costa Rica — qualified for the World Cup playoffs, to play New Zealand in a home and away matches next month.

Amazingly, newspapers in Mexico — the United States’s fiercest rival — essentially got down on their knees and thanked their neighbors to the north for keeping their World Cup dreams alive.

While TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli thanked the United States for saving Mexico, by declaring “[United States], we love you forever and ever” during his commentary of the World Cup qualifiers last night (watch that video here), the newspapers in Mexico had similar praise, declaring “We love you amigous” and “Thank you.”

beIN SPORT commentator Phil Schoen described the front covers as “It’s almost surreal, Like David Lynch scripted it.” We completely agree!

H/T @PhilSchoen.

5 thoughts on “Front Covers Of Mexico Newspapers Praising USA Soccer Victory [PHOTOS]”

  1. Lol the tables have turned… Mexico depending on the United States for world cup qualification… oh am eager to see what Eric Wynalda has to say on FS1

  2. That is great! Incredible humility, from Mexico.

    Can you imagine the American sporting press so unanimously showing the same humility & gratitude to another country for giving it another chance to express its passion for its national game?…I can’t. Let alone to a perceived smug and condescending one.

    Mexico has emphatically given American football fans what it has wanted for such a long time…the Respect of a traditional footballing power. I hope the US fans/media can be magnanimous.

    It’s a great twist / development between the two IMO.

    I hope Mexico get there, then meet the USA in Brazil. I’ll add it the list of games I’ll see when in Brazil!

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