Chicharito Says That ‘God Has Given Us Another Chance’ After USA Saves Mexico: Daily Soccer Report

Mexico and Manchester United striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez says that God has given Mexico another chance, after his nation were defeated last night against Costa Rica but still managed to qualify for the World Cup playoff due to the United States defeating Panama.

In an interview with ESPN, here’s what Chicharito said post-game:

“This was not the best way to win but neither was it the worst. The way I see it, God has given us another chance. You don’t have to know a lot about football to know that now we have to work really hard. There are a lot of things we aren’t doing and we have to take pride in our play.

“We have to go back and work hard with our clubs to see how we can grow and improve to take Mexico to the World Cup whether we are included on the recall or not.”

Instead of thanking God, Mexican commentator Christian Martinoli thanked the United States for saving Mexico, by announcing “[United States], we love you forever and ever” during his commentary of the World Cup qualifiers last night. Watch that video here.

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5 thoughts on “Chicharito Says That ‘God Has Given Us Another Chance’ After USA Saves Mexico: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Chicharito, please. Graham Zusi is the guy you want to thank. But I get it, you don’t want to thank your bitter rivals in public. Don’t worry though, we’ll send you a postcard from Brazil after the Kiwi’s beat you.

  2. You don’t have to thank us, but perhaps suggest to your supports to throw a few less piss bombs at our boys next time, ok?

  3. He’s a religious dude, cut him some slack. Do you really think that a man that gets on his knees and prays to his God before every match is not going to mention the divine intervention?

  4. I know he doesnt mean it in a bad way but its disturbing when athletes say stuff like this considering God cares about grown men playing with a ball over countless other issues in the world.

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