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Croatia Coach Offers Resignation Despite Team Qualifying For World Cup Playoffs [VIDEO]

Igor Stimac Croatia Coach Offers Resignation Despite Team Qualifying For World Cup Playoffs [VIDEO]

Croatia national team coach Igor Stimac offered his resignation tonight despite his team qualifying for the World Cup playoffs.

Stimac offered his resignation after Croatia lost 2-0 to Scotland at Hampden Park on the final day of the group matches in the UEFA confederation of World Cup qualifying matches.

Croatia are through to the playoffs where they’ll face an opportunity to reach FIFA World Cup 2014. But such was the shame in losing 2-0 that Stimac was far from impressed. While Stimac didn’t mean it, his offer to resign is a slap in the face to Scotland (i.e. if Croatia can’t beat Scotland, then it’s a resignation-worthy offense to Stimac).

Stimac says that the Croatian Football Federation will decide whether to accept Stimac’s resignation or not. The Croatian coach said it had nothing to do with the defeat at the hands of Scotland, but it’s been a long time coming in terms of question marks about Stimac being in charge of the national team.

On top of that, Stimac doesn’t believe Croatia will qualify for the World Cup the way the team is playing, so maybe he’s trying to get himself fired or to have his resignation granted?

Croatia will learn on Monday who they’ll play in the playoffs.

Based on the interview below, it appears that Stimac is using the fact of Croatia qualifying as a way to force the issue whether the Croatian federation will support him or not.

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3 Responses to Croatia Coach Offers Resignation Despite Team Qualifying For World Cup Playoffs [VIDEO]

  1. edofcourse says:

    Croatia has always produced beyond its resources. The national team was ranked 4th in the world six months ago.

    Igor Stimac has been unable to bring Croatia to the level it should be playing. Losses to Scotland (2), Belgium, and Portugal (friendly) and no victories are the recent results. The side plays with little enthusiasm, cohesiveness, or tactical understanding.

    Stimac’s proposed resignation is no insult to the Scots. Resignation would be his first smart and meritorious decision in six months. But, his replacement must have more answers if the team is to find way to Brazil and enjoy their stay.

  2. Pakapala says:

    A bit pretentious of the author to think this resignation offer is a slap in the face of Scotland in particular. That would be like saying the Australian getting rid of their coach last week was a slap in the face of France.

    Both teams have been getting bad results lately and their coaches seem to have lost the squad. A string of bad results is what made the Croatia coach offer his resignation.

  3. Penny says:

    Hardly a slap in the face for Scotland as he decided to stay in the job after Scotland also beat them in Croatia as well!

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