Man United’s Wayne Rooney Reignites Fergie Feud, Blaming The Scot for His Poor Form Last Season: Nightly Soccer Report

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5 thoughts on “Man United’s Wayne Rooney Reignites Fergie Feud, Blaming The Scot for His Poor Form Last Season: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. I think Wayne Rooney was played flying from the middle field because we all see it in him the he can do better there, following the injury of Paul Scholes last season i think Wayne did well there

  2. so let me get this right SAF got his tactics wrong and the side won the Championship.he is even a greater manager then we ever thought.Shrek put a sock in it and shut up.

    Mackay should step down and let Cardiff tumble out of the EPL.i knew Mr Tan was going to be trouble with the way he made a scene when Cardiff beat City.

  3. What is wrong with Rooney wanting to play where he is most productive?

    So much anti Rooney garbage from people that think he should just be quite do what SAF wants and be great full lol.

    He has every right to be upset he was put in midfield, he is such a good footballer but would not have expected to be played their so many times.

    How would people expect Van Dirty to react if Moyes put him in midfield?

    But that’s Van Dirty you can’t do that? he’s better than Rooney?


    Look at goals scored over the last 8 seasons Rooney was great up front, if anything Van Dirty is not as good an all round footballer as Wayne & hasn’t proven he’s a better striker either, Wayne didn’t have Wayne picking out passes for himself did he, Van Dirty did.
    Wayne was the team player, but understandably got upset after Utd didn’t buy anyone to play that role.

    SAF got it wrong with Utd Midfield for the last few years, not buying the right midfielders has left Moyes in predicament.

    Take Rooney out of Utd right now and where would they be?

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