Comedic Relief For Soccer Fans (Unless You’re A Supporter of Manchester City)

If you’re in the need of some comedy relief, and you’re not a supporter of Manchester City, watch the following video complete with the famous Benny Hill ‘Yakety Sax’ song.

City – Bayern – Benny Hill from Hans Müller on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Comedic Relief For Soccer Fans (Unless You’re A Supporter of Manchester City)”

  1. Even as an MCFC supporter I can laugh at this. If BM did that against one of the better defensive sides in England then imagine what they’d have done to other clubs.

  2. EPL is so overrated. The top EPL sides are nowhere even close to the top European sides.

    City were totally humiliated. FAke club spend nearly 300 million on their squad and are still made to look like amateurs. What a joke

  3. Bayern are top class! Wouldn’t bet against them winning it all over again

    They played with a under-strength team and still humiliated one of the EPL’s top sides. Just imagine them once Martinez and Gotze are back

  4. Sure, nice to see Bayern hitting all cylinders in the group stage but it’s still very early. Thing about this years Bayern is that they can hit an ego road trip, they have star players, star manager so just one blip loss, one blip comment from a star player or manager and it can ruin the team’s chemistry. Not saying it will but karma has done terribly wonderful things in the past. And I don’t support Citeh.

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