We Are Witnessing the Final Stages of Liverpool’s Revival

“Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

Don’t go jumping to any conclusions. Liverpool Football Club still has work to do. However, the light is becoming clearer and stronger for the faithful supporters of the Anfield club.

It has been ages since Liverpool FC were under the leadership of chairman David Moores. Prior to Moores’ tenure, Liverpool was the most successful club in the history of English football. They had won the Football League First Division eighteen times, the FA Cup four times and the European Cup four times. They were the shining example of English football across Europe.

Since then, Manchester United have surpassed Liverpool’s domestic cup haul by winning 20 top flight titles while also becoming the global symbol of English football.

Over the past 22 years, Liverpool has failed to win the league and has won the FA Cup three times and the EFA Champions League trophy once. Liverpool has won a host of other competitions. But the dominance they once had over English and European football has been non-existent recently.

The club’s fall from grace started under the leadership of Graeme Souness. In April 1991, Moores appointed Souness who took over a Liverpool side that sat top of the First Division and hadn’t finished outside the top two places in ten seasons. But in his first full season in charge the following year Liverpool finished 6th – the club’s lowest finish in 28 years.

The downfall increased in severity after Moores sold the club to American owners, George Gillett and Tom Hicks in 2007. Moores later admitted that he “hugely regretted” selling the club to the Americans, but the damage had already been done. The new owners saddled the club with huge debts that were incurred during its purchase.

Liverpool needed to increase the capacity of Anfield to compete with other top clubs, but weren’t able to make the necessary changes due to the club’s poor finances. The new owners proclaimed that a new stadium was their priority and that work would begin immediately. However the pair failed to secure funding and plans for a new home ground. The plans for the ground at Stanley Park were shelved.

Despite the financial concerns, Liverpool were able to capture their fifth Champions League title in 2005 when they battled from a 3-0 deficit to defeat Italian giant, AC Milan. They made another Champions League final appearance in 2007 and finished second in the Premier League to Manchester United in 2009. But in 2010, the club lost in the group stages of the Champions League and hasn’t made a return to the competition.

In the new Premier League environment of billionaire owners, huge modernized stadiums, and global marketing, Liverpool had fallen far behind clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. The club just couldn’t compete for the top players in the world and had to sell their marquee stars. Xavi Alonso was sold to Real Madrid in 2009 for £30m ($48m). Javier Mascherano went to Barcelona in 2010 for £17.3m ($27.7m). And Fernando Torres was sold to rival Chelsea for £50m ($80m) in 2011.

The sale of Torres allowed Liverpool to bring in two players: Andy Carroll from Newcastle United for £35m ($56.1m) and Luis Suárez from AFC Ajax for £23m ($36.9m). Although Suárez has turned into Liverpool’s star player next to veteran Steven Gerrard, Carroll never quite panned out and was sent to West Ham United in 2012.

During the 2009-10 season, Liverpool fell completely out of the “Top Four” and has since to return. Years of financial strain, average managers, bad signings, and commercial ineptitude have combined to hold Liverpool back.

In October 2010, Liverpool was sold to John W. Henry and the Fenway Sports Group (formerly New England Sports Ventures). The club’s fortunes were not immediately solved by the new ownership. But since the start of the 2012-13 season, Liverpool has shown signs of a club moving out of the dark.

Mr. Henry and the Fenway Sports Group are moving forward with the planned renovation of Anfield. The project is expected to cost the club £154m ($244.5m).

Although the club is still in debt, its commercial revenues have been increasing and the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) has continued to strengthen Liverpool’s already global brand. Managing Director, Ian Ayre recently stated: “And as we approach things like Financial Fair Play and that type of environment, we will be in a very strong position.” He went on to say, “What we have to do is match our football performance with our business performance. Everybody throughout the club is working towards that; creating the right sustainable business performance to feed the football business and then the football business can deliver on its side.”

The football side is now in good hands under the leadership of Brendan Rodgers. Despite finishing in seventh place in 2012-13, Rodgers was able to bring stability and direction to the club. Rodger’s footballing philosophy is consistent with Spain and Barcelona; it is one that hails possession of the ball above all other aspects of the game.

Liverpool suffered some growing pains early in Rodgers’ tenure. Goals were conceded because of defenders ill-advised passes in their own half. But over the course of Rodgers’ first season, the players began to look more comfortable. And as of today, it seems that Liverpool has been able to combine the fluid and silky style of passing football that Rodgers desires with a steely determination to defend when needed. Liverpool have expanded their style to show (early in the season) that they can absorb opponents’ pressure and then hit them on the counter-attack.

Due to the club’s tentative financial state, they have had to invest wisely during the transfer windows. Liverpool have not only done that, they have signed some of the brighter young talent in the league.

The biggest turning point for the club has been the addition of five young players: forwards Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge, attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and defender Mamadou Sakho.

The partnership of Suárez and Sturridge has the potential to be one of the best in the Premier League. Last season, all the talk was of the Rooney/Van Perise pairing at Manchester United. But with United currently stumbling and Liverpool holding a higher position in the league table, “SAS” (Suarez and Sturridge) has taken top billing.

Regarding SAS, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler commented earlier this week: “There has been a trend to play one up front with a man floating in behind but that can make things difficult for the man at the head of the team. He will often find himself with two men, possibly even three, keeping him under wraps.”

“Once you have two strikers working in tandem, though, the dynamics completely change and doubts begin to creep into defenders’ minds.”

“That’s when a partnership really works. When it is two against two, the odds are in favor of the strikers, especially if they are top players like Liverpool’s pairing.”

Luis Suárez (regardless what most football fans outside of Liverpool think) is one of the best players in the world. He plays with boundless energy, constantly runs at opposing defenders, shares the ball and literally fights to win every possession. If anyone has any questions about his effort, they need look no further than his opening goal against Crystal Palace this weekend. Suárez has tallied 54 goals and 16 assists during all competitions since his arrival in 2011.

In January 2013, Liverpool added Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea Football Club. The goal scoring forward had previously proven himself as a Premier League threat during his loan spell at Bolton Wanderers. Although he continued to have a hard time finding steady first-team matches with his parent club, Chelsea. Sturridge was eventually sold to Liverpool.

While he struggled to find his way during his half season with the club, he showed signs of being the perfect complement to Suárez. Towards the end of 2013 (with Suárez suspended), Sturridge was able to assert himself as a scoring option for the club. More recently, Sturridge’s decision making – when to pass and when to shoot – has vastly improved.

Although he recently suffered an injury blow, Philippe Coutinho’s arrival at Anfield has been an instant success. Coutinho scored a goal in his full debut against Swansea City. He is a prototypical Brazilian number 10, playing with an attacking flair, vision, and an eye for goal. He was quickly able to unlock opposing defenses and provide fantastic build up to Liverpool’s attack.

Coutinho should return from injury to the Liverpool lineup shortly after the international break.

Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet was bought from Sunderland during the summer of 2013. Mignolet was widely sought after by top Premier League clubs. His efforts literally prevented Sunderland from relegation in 2012-13. Mignolet is the starting goalkeeper for the Belgian national team which is currently ranked sixth in the FIFA World Rankings.

Liverpool’s latest signing was 6’2 defender Mamadou Sakho from French champions Paris Saint-Germain. Sakho is a physically imposing centre back with fantastic anticipation. The French international and boyhood PSG fan, Sakho came through the ranks at PSG and has hinted at a future return to the club. But since his arrival in the northwest of England, he has pledged his loyalty to Liverpool and promised to help return them to their glory days.

A return to European competition is in sight for the club. With both Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and even Swansea City competing in Europe, Liverpool have time to focus on the Premier League table. While the other top clubs are seeing their squads physically wear down due to an overwhelming amount of games, Liverpool’s squad should be prepared and fresh.

Liverpool are currently on top of the Premier League after seven matches (prior to the West Bromwich-Arsenal match). Big games are soon to follow and the club will need to prove themselves against the league’s most recent threats. But Liverpool’s climb from darkness is nearly complete. For the club’s supporters, it can’t come soon enough.

60 thoughts on “We Are Witnessing the Final Stages of Liverpool’s Revival”

  1. They had the difficult task of today of getting all 3 points from the juggernaught Crystal Palace. As long as they play clubs like that, their revival will rain upon the EPL!

  2. LoL

    Play someone in the top 6 first & no Manure don’t count.

    Congratulations Liverpool on winning a 7 game league during which time you beat Stoke (just), Villa, Man Utd (worst start in 24yrs) & a manager less Sunderland & the joke that is Crystal palace. Drew with Swansea, but were played off the park, if not for JJ shelvey meltdown you’d have lost that too, You lost @ home to Southampton who played you off the park.

    Please excuse the above paragraph it’s written with realism and facts at its core. let’s see how you do versus CFC, Spurs, Goons, Everton, Man City.

    LFC fans are among the most deluded fans, believe what you want but those are the facts.

    1. Haha. Good stuff.

      Second sentence of the article:

      “Don’t go jumping to any conclusions. Liverpool Football Club still has work to do.”

      Final paragraph:

      “Big games are soon to follow and the club will need to prove themselves against the league’s most recent threats.”

      I’m just recognizing the progress Liverpool have made. Not a fan of theirs.

      1. the results this season are no indication of improvements at all and the performances in those results are to the contrary. The article can say what it wants, but it’s all based off results this season, results that are flawed.

        The 20 plus paragraphs in between the CYA statements at either end of the article are deluded when not a re-re-re-re-re-gurgitation of history.

        And who chose the headline?


        1. I’m really not sure what you’re point is, Dust.

          I gave a history of the club’s downfall and then described the moves they made to righting their ship.

          I could’ve written a shorter article and some people would’ve complained that I left information out.

          It’s fine. We disagree. I write to start a discussion and make people think.

          I chose the title and I don’t see an issue with that either. I guess you do?

          “We are witnessing the final stages of Liverpool’s revival” I didn’t say “Liverpool is revived!”

          They are getting close to being a club that gets back into European competition. That would be huge for where they’ve been the past four seasons.

          1. It’s 7 games against poor opposition. Stoke could easily have had a point but for missing a pen. Villa totally outplayed them and they lost to Southampton and failed to beat Swansea. Wins against the bottom 2 teams and the poorest ManU side in a generation.
            Close to Europe lmao.

          2. “I’m really not sure what you’re point is, Dust.”

            LOL…because my posts aren’t blunt enough.

            There really is no need to drag this out, the title and contents of the article written at much length suggest that what you have seen cements your belief that

            “We Are Witnessing the Final Stages of Liverpool’s Revival”

            I absolutely disagree and cite my reasons… it really quite simple.

            “They are getting close to being a club that gets back into European competition. That would be huge for where they’ve been the past four seasons.”

            Above is your statement right?

            They were in Europe & under Brendan crashed out and failed to qualify for Europe in any of the 3 competitions, no wait, 4 including the “Fair Play” league to get back into european competition.

            “But I meant champions league” (anticipating your response)

            In no way have Liverpool showed any real evidence that they can finish higher than Spurs, Farsenal, Man City, CFC or Everton.

            LFC season so far and their current position in the league has obviously inspired you to write this article.

            I disagree with your position is all. If you have watched their performances in games then I can not see how you can think they have improved.

            I would recommend watching the games again….

            Also as a side observation, While fans jump on the bandwagon and LFC pundits hype it up irrespective of the realities.

            A key player at LFC dos not believe they are close to UCL…Luis Suarez someone a lot closer to LFC, Brendan and any fan or journo see’s its not close

            If he did, why would he want to move?… and to a BPL rival in Farsenal too?

            Anyways…Enjoy your day.

        2. @ dust,

          for gods sake stop acting as an encyclopedia of football, you know nothing,

          and stop giving lectures abt performance n all as if u have done doctorate in it,

          good team win, whether they play good or bad , performance i.e. dominance on field and win isnt directly related,

          i can show you many n many recent performance by this team , city both home n away , where we played the teams of the park , but still managed only draws, while we are converting the your so called poor performances in to wins , isnt that a improvement?

          but no, now you gonna point out the performance, and who said we played poorly? playing defensively n defending the one goal lead is a bad poor performance? who told you that?

          1. Dust is just a bitter little boy. His flavor of the month Spurs can’t score and just got tonked at home by West Ham, despite spending gobs of money on attacking players.

            This post was written by a Man United supporter, who recognizes the improvements that have been made. There is nothing in it suggesting LFC will challenge for the title this year (or even top 4 … though I don’t see why not on the latter).

            My one concern is the second half performances and absorbing too much pressure when ahead. It came back to bite them against Swansea and it will again.

    2. I would imagine next on tap would be an article titled, “The Phoenix Has Risen”, moments after Liverpool defeats Newcastle.

      Like you said Dust, let’s wait to see how they do against bigger clubs.

      1. bigger clubs?

        1.arsenal humiliated on the opening day.
        2.man u lost 3 times already,
        3.man city lost 2 already, and by same villa side which humiliated arsenal on opening day , we beat them though
        4.spur(not even a top 4 club) last time i saw got thrashed by west ham at home,

        what are you talking mate,

        the above few examples are enough to see how much tougher the league has become, sides like swansea,southhamton,villa,WBA have improved a lot and no way there is an easy game.

        simply accept that liverpool are in the mix now , ever improving n joint top at the moment . no need to give some excuses .

          1. Right, like that was at all obvious three matches into the season when LFC played them. Jesus. The BEAT the league champions. Were it any other side at that early point in the season their praises would be sung to the rafters, but, no, it’s LFC, so suddenly ManU are a terrible side.

    3. All signs point to you not reading the article because clearly, reading isn’t exactly your strong suit. You just love to spout whatever nonsense drives through that empty tunnel inside your head.

      1. A great example is your club, lol.

        Man Utd were horrid today and were lucky to finish the 1st half not down 3-0

        But you got the three points. Do the three points indicate a progression or would you look at the performance?

    4. Dust, actually you’re off the mark. Way off the mark. LFC have been improving steadily since The end of 2012 and were actually of of the most in form teams in the PL the last 1/2 of last season and seem to have picked up where they left off. They only lost 3 matches the last half of the season. They beat Spurs, tied CFC and MCFC and Arsenal. If you count this season, they’ve lost 4 premier league matches in the last 26. They actually haven’t lost to a “top 6” team since way back in Decemeber of 2012 when they lost 2-1 to spurs at the Lane. They then beat Spurs 3-2 at Anfield 4 months later.

      I’m not saying LFC are going to win the league or even finish in the top 4 – there’s a lot of season left but perhaps us “deluded” fans are indeed looking at the facts. Perhaps you should too.


      1. Believe what you want… The spurs win at LFC was not a good performance by LFC they were gifted 2 goals by horror incidents from walker and Lloris, not amazing play.

        But go nuts…keep believing and have a great evening.

        1. Every match has a story. That’s football. Take a look at the stats. No emotion, just fact. And its time for HBO boxing so yes, I will have a great evening! Thanks for caring.


        2. spurs win at lfc was not good win?

          two goals were gifted?

          which goals ur talking abt,

          the 1st one where , which was clearly an showcase of good connecting play n class finishing by suarez?

          or the 2nd one , the one which got iin through the legs of vertonghen ?

          or the 3rd one which was an clear penalty , defender pushing suarez down under serious pressure?

          get alive , stop making this silly statements n decorating every match with some stupid story behind it,

          in football such things happen, give credit where it due ,

          against spurs win but not good performance,

          against stoke just beat them,

          against man u , it doesnt count ,

          against swansea played of the park , lucky coz of jj ?

          that shows you are finding every possible way not to give liverpool any credit for any wins ,

          if you think liverpool have been so much lucky n got undeserving wins , as you are decorating them, doesnt these things happen with your so call top 6 teams too?

          spurs who wasted around 100miln on garbage , have won two or three games just on silly penalties ,

          last week, gooners manged to draw with WBA, just bcoz a wild shot by wilsher, which got a big deflection on its way in net,

          the point is, point is in every match these things happen too, its part of game,

      2. Actually, the loss to Spurs was November 28, 2012.

        Oh, and since last 1/2 of 2013 season to today, Chelsea have taken 48 points, Liverpool 56, Arsenal 56, United 50, City 52, Spurs 61.

        These are the facts for you.

        1. exactly, now i dont know the figures are exactly what u have stated ,

          but clearly its not just the 7 very very very , winnable n easiest games , as our friend dust is claiming , but over a year now,

          liverpool have lost just 3 games in over a periods of 10-11 months now, and certainly are in a top 4 form in over a year ,

          this position joint top of the league , is by no means some luck or push over, liverpool are finding consistency. and winning games , games which they used to dominate but draw or loose. the same games they are winning now. thats the difference

    5. Typical!

      Let us know when you’ve decided we’ve done well, Dust. You can keep throwing caveats at the results, but in the end you have to play who you’ve got scheduled.

      If you look at our schedule, it’s not much harder or easier than the other teams at the top of the table.

      We’ve had less than perfect performances, but that’s the same with a lot of clubs. City has lost to Villa, Spurs lost to West Ham, et cetera.

      It’s a great start and we look like a very good squad that can play with anyone in the league on our day – that’s all we’re saying, mate. Nothing more, but nothing less.

    6. @ dust, i think there is a lot it settled on your footballing knowledge.

      play some one in the top six? ,

      manure dont count lol, go tell it to them not us, beat stoke just , played off the park by swansea?

      stoke,swansea,southhampton,manu,villa are that easily beatable? u r making it look like so easy while in the same time both the manchester clubs beaten 5 times, spurs ,chevesky both lost twice, by teams like cardiff n west ham .

      wake up and smell some coffee.we are not talking abt FIFA 14. no game is easy in this league.

      and for that matter just tell me which team you support, and i will decorate an even worst ,filthy,negative,deluded description about your teams win , just like u have done here.

      and also as you look to be too much in to YOUR FACTS & REALISM, for your information, the original artical is also realism n fact based, this team has just lost 3 matches in whole calender year 2013, that is 26 games.

      talking abt top 6 , last yer we played city ***of the park** on both home and away games, beat spurs, and gave tough time to gooner,manu,cheevesky in hard fought draws, the point is , liverpool are capable of beating any n every team, let it be any team, its just he consistency that was missing, and that is what we have improved , we have been playing good fooball for more then a year n gaining consistency, improving in transfer window with good signings. and that we are ever improving .

      and that is also fact n realism.

  3. I Hope jealousy wnt kill som pple. U pple r jst angry with d fact dat liverpool is winning matches nd u r nt, u all speak lyk MAN U fans (yawn). I jst hope u dnt sack ur manager 2mao wen he loses again LOL. YNWA

    1. I knew the average Liverpool fan had an IQ rivaled only by a garden spade but your post just takes it to another level.

  4. Did you actually read the article or did you just read the headline? The guy never says Liverpool are going to win the league. He points out the improvements and says they’re in a better position than previous years.

    1. Yes I read it, and I disagree, they has been fortunate, the missed penalty, a Sunderland club in crisis, the Jon jo effect, when they played a well organized team at home (Southampton) they lost.

      Believe what you want, I watch games… Have a Great evening!

      1. Dust Particle-an insignificant speck in the universe- who blows from post to post with the sole purpose of irritating others- what a charmed life you must live- back to game film coach you da man

      2. this guy is utter nonsense ,

        dust particle , how small u are? i mean how much old you are 5th standard or 6th?

        1. the missed penalty?

        god what u really drink? missed? it was saved by mignolet, it wasnt missed , the keeper saved it , get that straight first,

        2. sunderland club in crisis ? so ? we didnt ask them to sack there manger just b4 we visit them for match,

        3. well organized team against southampton ? we plyed with 4 center backs,coz of injury to agger n johnson 2 of our regular back four , thats y we lost.

        but that is not the point , the point is abt not giving credit where its due,

        1. spurs with that 100miln signing exhibition, won 2 games 1-0 , just on penalty . and it took 4 games for them to register their first goal from open play.
        two 1-0 penalty wins ? isnt that fortunate?

        2. last week against WBA , gooner drew with a goal , which was deflected in by the defender, if the defection hasnt been there it was a simple shot for the keeper to save .

        and i can show many more , occasions where your so called big top 6 teams (dis counting manu lol) have wont in simmilar ways , these things happen in football ,

        its not fortune its the pressure from the opposition that makes player do silly mistakes,

        by now way n any means liverpool have got lucky , have fought hard to keep the leads. even if its just a one goal,

        neither the fix list is easy, manu, villa (who have beaten manc n gooners),swansea are tough games. and abt the other games , if west ham n cardif can do city,spurs etc , then there isnt any game easy.

  5. Lets give Liverpool credit for winning games they’ve lost in the recent past. That’s progress. I also think it’s too early to say whether this is truly a revival or not until we get to January.

    The fixture list has been kind to them with only United among the first 7 teams they’ve played that are among the top teams in the league. They have a tricky game against Newcastle away after the international break and then West Brom at home after that. Winning those games will be important as those are the types of teams Liverpool have to beat consistenty to reclaim their spot in the top 4.

    1. Lost in the recent past?
      No,they beat all the lower half teams last season and failed to beat the top half teams. Look at the table,same story so far.

      1. 2013-14, Liverpool have 16 points this year. 5W 1L 1D

        2012-13, same clubs:

        Stoke (H)- draw
        Villa (A)- win
        United (H)- loss
        Swansea (A)- draw
        Southampton (H)- win
        Sunderland (A)- draw
        Palace (weren’t in the league)

        2W 1L 3D – 9pts

        1. Why are you comparing to last year? It has zero relevance. Clubs have different managers and different players.
          Like is often said, delusion at it’s finest.

          1. So the oong-standing quality of the club, or the fact that they’re league champions, counts for nothing, eh? New manager = crap. Talk about delusional.

          2. i want to show you what delusion is,

            as you said , ** why is to compare with last yer , it has zero revelance, clubs have different mangers n players ***

            k, if that is how it is, then why teams like stoke,villa,palace,manu are being considered as easy wins?

            why ?

            if past performances by theses teams count nothing then why is the debate abt having easy fixtures?

            and also , i read u wrote that lets see what liverpool do against top 6?

            so on the same grounds what is top 6? past performance is nothing. It has zero relevance. Clubs have different managers and different players. isnt it?

            so in that sence , every team is on the same level , no past no top 6, nothing abt getting easy fixtures , as last season is gone ,everything has changed so a win against palace should be regarded as same against city or arsenal or any of the previously top 6 team?

            the way you are debating every thing shows what delusion is .

            peter was just showcasing the difference between the two seasons so far , just that how we are winning the same games we used to draw against.

  6. “Over the past 22 years, Liverpool has failed to win the league and has won the FA Cup and UEFA Champions league trophy once.”

    ERR…NO. In the last 22 years they’ve won the FA Cup 3 times (92,01,06), the League cup 4 times (95,01,03,12), the Champions league and the UEFA (now Europa League) Cup. And for good measure they’ve also won 2 UEFA Super Cups and the Charity (Community) Shield twice.

    While I understand that there are quite a few new writers to the football landscape, a little fact checking wouldn’t hurt.


    1. “Over the past 22 years, Liverpool has failed to win the league and has won the FA Cup and UEFA Champions league trophy once. Liverpool has won a host of other competitions.”

      Is the entire quote, Nick. The League Cup, Europa League, Community Shield, etc, would qualify as other competitions.

      In my opinion, the big ones are the league, Champions League, and FA Cup. But that’s my opinion.

      They won their fifth FA Cup in 91-92 season. You are correct. They have won two FA cups in 21 years.

      1. I’d have to disagree with you on that one Peter. The Europa League (UEFA CUP) is quite an achievement. Only 4 English teams have EVER won this competition. Its been around for over 40 years. Since prior to 97 the European Cup was only for the champions of each league, the UEFA Cup was the European cup for everyone else.

        Actually, this idea that LFC have somehow faded from relevance or had a “fall from grace” over the last 22 years is a myth. While it is true that LFC have not won the PL, it should be noted that only 4 teams have ever won it (5 if you include the Blackburn Rovers anomaly). In terms of non PL Silverware, LFC have been the most successful English team in Europe in the last 22 years (matched only by CFC last year with their Europa League win) and are the equal of Arsenal, United and CFC in terms of FA Cup/League Cup win (in whatever combination – Utd more FA but less league, etc etc).

        Spurs have had little to show in 22 years and City only have 1 FA cup (plus a PL) to show for all their recent efforts.

        I think “Fall from grace” is just plain wrong and not borne out by the facts.

        Other than the above, I agree with your article…


        1. Not disagreeing with you. I will say that it appears one of the reasons (recently) that Premier League or English clubs haven’t won the Europa League is because they emphasize other competitions. Bigger clubs know that Europa League matches put them in a tough spot with league matches on Sunday.

          Traveling to the Ukraine on a Thursday and having to fly back for a Sunday match is not something management want to do for their players. They’d rather focus on the league.

        2. Nick,

          I’ve been a Liverpool supporter for 40 years. My father raised me this way. I’ve seen the club go from being the most dominant club in Europe to seventh best in the league. There were no other names above Liverpool 30 years ago. No other club was even in the argument.

      1. My mistake for missing it when I proofed the story. The article is now updated. Thanks for pointing it out Nick.

  7. Pay dust no mind, Peter. He’s a Spurs fanboi. You know Spurs. And their … 2008 League Cup. And a bunch of long-ago FA Cups. And their scouting department, which consists of reading the papers to see which players are linked to Liverpool and bidding on them.

    Gotta love the unearned arrogance of Spurs acolytes.

    1. Haha. I’m not arguing. Like I said, I like the discussions. I don’t mind people not agreeing with me or seeing my side of things. And I’m open to hearing what people have to say.

      I’m a United fan, but I’m more a fan of the league. I watch as many matches as I can each week. Love all the storylines, history, and managerial styles.

      I regret watching Hull-Villa today. I would like those two hours back.

  8. Liverpool are building on the foundation laid last year, made some good signings during the window, and just got their best player back. At another time this might place them on the brink of but not quite the CL spots, but with the chaos and shuffle thats taken place in the Prem the last few months they could be right place right time to make a run.

  9. Dust – you know I always enjoy the banter with you but you’re off the mark here and I disagree entirely. From somebody who regularly sits at Anfield and watches first hand, the club IS making the right steps forward. Everybody was cautious of Rodgers at first – first game of last season going down to West Brom didn’t help his cause much! From that point up to now he’s stuck by his ‘philosophy’ and it’s paying dividends.

    I know you can say ‘lucky against Stoke because they missed a pen’ but I can spin the other angle on it and say it was Liverpool’s match for the taking and had it not been for a moment of madness from Agger and a couple of great saves from Mignolet… There’s 2 sides to every coin.

    I’m not getting carried away after 7 games – I’ve seen it all before. If, and only if, we’re still up there come Christmas, can we start to set sights higher. The fixture list is incredibly fortunate this year with the ‘top 6’ clashes spread out and not coming thick and fast like last years nightmare start. With managerial changes elsewhere and Utd, City and Chelsea taking an age to get any sort of rhythm going, this is the year for thinking big and trying to break in. If the managers at Anfield, Emirates & WHL aren’t drumming it in to their players that they’ve got every chance as the rest to win this year then they may as well pack up now. I’ve said all summer that Spurs are going to be a good package this year and so far they’re doing just fine to prove me right… Just because Utd are currently sitting lower than the rest doesn’t make me think they’ll finish there. The table is taking a bit longer than usual to form itself but order will be restored soon enough. Until then though, Arsenal, Liverpool & Spurs need to keep their heads down and push on to make the most of it. EVERYBODY is beatable this season… You can only beat what’s in front of you as the saying goes and if some of those are ‘lucky’, so be it. So long as the 3pts go on the board it’s 3 points more than the other team.

    Just because you’re a supporter of another team doesn’t mean you have to continually be petty with posts. Spurs are no rivals to Liverpool other than being in the same league fighting for the same honours so let’s remember that! I’ve got nothing negative to say about your team, I really like them, so let’s all play nice and see what happens over the next 2 months before any bold statements come into the open!

    Anyway, rare visit from me, over & out!

  10. There is no difference in the 3 points you get for beating Crystal Palace than there is for beating Arsenal. People get too obsessed with the whole ‘lets see how they do against team y stuff. It is a league. It is about getting points. Titles are won by grinding out wins over the lesser team far more than the big glamor teams meeting each other. That is How Utd dominated, it was how Liverpool dominated before them.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous. The difference is most teams will beat Palace and get 3 points. Most teams will not beat City,Arsenal,Chelsea. Can’t believe that needed explaining.

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