Support Your Favorite Team With Soccer Bracelets Featuring Your Club Colors

As fans of The Beautiful Game, we all want to show off our team colors — whether it’s wearing one of our club shirts, buying a scarf to wear around our neck, or finding another unique way to share our team pride.

Another novel way to show your support for your favorite soccer club is to wear a soccer bracelet. These are handmade “rainbow loom” bracelets, that are custom created. They’re rubber bracelets that are designed to fit around your wrist. In addition to featuring the colors of your favorite club, the unique aspect of these soccer bracelets is that they have beads woven into the rubber bracelets, to give them a unique look (see below).

The soccer bracelets, which are made in the USA, fit comfortably around your wrist. They’re perfect for men or women, and young or old.

To view the complete line of soccer bracelets, visit our online store. All prices include shipping and handling to the United States. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, e-mail to request a custom design.

4 thoughts on “Support Your Favorite Team With Soccer Bracelets Featuring Your Club Colors”

    1. Hi Adam, we can definitely ship soccer bracelets overseas. But on a case by case basis (so we can quote postage).

      I’ll check on the rates for Australia and will get back to you!

      1. Postage to Australia is US $1.50 extra so if you’re interested email me at

        If anyone else is interested in ordering for overseas, email me at the above address for postage cost and details on how to order.

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