Evaluating the Performance of Premier League Teams So Far This Season

There’s something special about the time just before the Premier League table begins to settle. Clubs that will eventually end up in the Championship next season can be near the top of the table, and for an instant, just an instant, their supporters can look on and revel. I fondly recall seasons when Wolves sat in Champions League spots. It was fleeting, but those that are accustomed to cheering on their clubs as they struggle to stay afloat are allotted a time, however brief, of satisfaction as they gaze at their team’s position near the top, aren’t they?

This season’s table is far from settled, but — just for fun — let’s take a look at what’s transpired thus far and perhaps get a glimpse into the future.

First, let’s look at Arsenal. While the points are distributed evenly for second and third place, the Gunners sit uncontested at the pinnacle. Currently holding a five-match winning streak, the lamentations of supporters over a frugal summer transfer window are long in the past. Mesut Ozil, the main attraction of the summer, isn’t failing anyone’s expectations. There is a bit of a sense of smoke and mirrors, however. Injury has once again plagued the squad and they’re a couple of key players away from disaster. This club is thin, and while they also sit atop their Champions League group and have advanced to the fourth round of the Capital One Cup, it’s difficult to see them being able to balance every competition. Gunners fans will be praying Ozil stays fit.

Liverpool and Tottenham are two clubs looking to attain Champions League spots. While Liverpool haven’t been in the title race for a few seasons now, they seem to have figured something out this season. Daniel Sturridge has especially impressed and though he has many naysayers, this could be the time when the English striker steps up and makes a different for club and country. Luis Suarez’s suspension might have kept him out of the start of the season, but he wasn’t missed too much. Now that Suarez is back and the two strikers are working in tandem, we may be looking at one of the best duos in the Premier League. Liverpool may not challenge for the title, but they have a chance to shatter the mediocrity they’ve been toting for the past few seasons.

Tottenham also have the look of a club that has figured a few things out. The London side is benefiting well from the inclusion of Roberto Soldado, falling only to the league leaders Arsenal at an away derby. Spurs summer transfers were poignant and AVB has now had a year to acclimate to his club. Could this be the season they snag that illusive Champions League spot?

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