FIFA Delay Decision to Confirm 2022 World Cup Switch; Forms Task Force: Daily Soccer Report

FIFA executives must have been wondering how they could diffuse the negativity and tension regarding the decision whether to move the World Cup 2022 from summer to winter, as well as how to make the process of reaching a decision as fair as possible while giving the different countries a “voice.”

So FIFA, in their “infinite wisdom,” have decided to form a task force that will be focused on analyzing whether to move the Qatar tournament from the summer to winter.

According to The Independent, “Members of the ‘Fifa family’, broadcasters and representatives of the European leagues will be part of the task force that analyze if such a switch is possible.”

While the task force will appear to be fair and impartial, we all know that FIFA will decide to move the tournament to the winter no matter what the task force finds or hears. It’s just a political move by FIFA to take themselves out of the equation and to say that they had a task force that analyzed the move. Pure politics. Same old FIFA.

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