Everton Reveal New Club Crest As Chosen By The Club Supporters

Everton have unveiled their new club crest, which will be used from the 2014-15 season onwards. The new crest (design A) was selected by the Everton supporters as the new crest to replace the current one (which is being used for the 2013-14 season only).

Design A won 78% of the votes from the Everton supporters.

Here’s what the new crest looks like — superimposed on the club’s home shirt and the side of the stadium at Goodison Park, as well as what the crest looks like when reversed:

In April, it was reported that Everton were planning on unveiling a new club crest without the consultation of the entire Everton supporters fan base (and season ticket holders). When the crest was revealed, the opposition to it was vociferous, so Everton backtracked and said they would use the new club crest for this season only, and would allow their supporters to select the new one for 2014-15 moving forward.

4 thoughts on “Everton Reveal New Club Crest As Chosen By The Club Supporters”

  1. I voted for design A basically because it looks the most like the previous badge. Was somewhat underwhelmed by the design’s after the drawn-out creative process.

    Either way, it will be nice to get the current abomination off our shirts.

  2. Quoting what someone else said, but choice A is basically the thinnest kid at fat camp. It looks pretty insipid on the shirt, but it’s still far better than the current badge or the other options.

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