Andre Villas-Boas Slams FA’s Fernando Torres Decision As A Joke And Disgrace

Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas has slammed The FA’s decision not to ban Fernando Torres after the incident that happened in the London derby on Saturday where the Spaniard clawed Jan Vertonghen’s face.

At his press conference today, Villas-Boas said:

“It’s extremely difficult to know where to start. Obviously, it’s almost a farcical decision. It doesn’t matter to me which player or club is involved.

“Neither do I want to with my words put into question Fernando’s integrity; neither their manager’s in trying to defend our position. I think the FA has made a decision that’s almost a joke. It looks incredible.

“How can you see the images and come out without punishment on something that overtakes all professional behavior?

“I think the decision is a disgrace. If the committee can’t solve such clear images I don’t think it sets a good first example. We’re not asking nobody to retract themselves; the player to retract themselves. That would not be fair.

“This is a competition and in the end they came up with what they thought was fair for that.

“We don’t want Fernando suspended because it can make them weaker because their bench is so strong, whoever comes in for them makes them even strong, but I think the FA has lost the opportunity to put some sense into the images everybody saw.

“I’m grateful for ex-refs to be able to enlighten people a little bit more, though I think most of you guys saw the incident as something that is no tolerable in football.”

Stemming from the incident that happened between Tottenham and Chelsea on Saturday, The FA decided not to take further action, so Torres will not receive a further ban.

Here’s a GIF of the incident:

What’s your opinion about Andre Villas-Boas’s comments? Is he correct in what he’s saying, or did The FA make the right decision? Have your say in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “Andre Villas-Boas Slams FA’s Fernando Torres Decision As A Joke And Disgrace”

  1. I wish the gif was able to show the whole thing. Either way though, I think what Torres was trying to do started innocently and then Vertongen didnt like it and so the hand to the side of his head ended up a scratch.

    1. innocently?
      LOL what a joke.

      You have issues…why don’t you have someone re-enact it on your face? see if its nothing then…

      This is classic Mourinho, he’s ok with his players and staff acting anyway they need to get the result, including violent conduct. Everywhere he goes its the same.

  2. A hand to the face is violent conduct and a red card.
    If you look at that and think it isn’t violent conduct, you have issues.

    1. I was just about to leave the same comment.

      Mourinho’s defense of the FA is funny. He knows Torres got off lucky. His explanation of the FA’s decision was ridiculous.

      But that’s one of the reasons I like the guy. Haha.

    2. El Nino is a big girl’s blouse.

      However, as a lifelong fan of hockey, I find it hilarious that any kind of push or slap, etc. is labeled “violent conduct.” I wish they would make the rule more realistic. A red card for an actual punch, elbow, or kick seems proper, but for a push (or a scratch)? It’s a man’s game, right?

  3. The FA said that it couldn’t act because one of the officials had “seen the coming together of the two players……….but not in it’s entirety”. That’s a total cop out. That’s like them saying that they saw me throw a punch at another player, but they didn’t see it land so they can’t/won’t do anything about it. This sends out the wrong message to all players, bite a player on the arm and (rightly) get e 10 match ban, scram a players face and get a one match ban for being sent off.

  4. Y is AVB lamenting?He shd remove dirts 4rm his eyes b4 removing 4rm odas……..wot a dunce………….dat same Vetorghen stripped an Aston villa player naked in dia carling cup 3rd round tie………..wot then happened?AVB is jst acting up bc he was sacked by Chelsea!He shd get use 2 it!

  5. Vertoghen grabs Torres first so how come he is getting made out to be the victim. He also dived which is why Torres mouthed off at him before Vertoghen grabbed him.
    And Jose never defended Torres for this but for Vertoghen feigning a face injury when he was not touched in the face and got Torres sent off.
    AVB should say what he thinks of his players cheating and diving.

  6. When I saw the incident in real time it looked like Torres was being playful but when Vertongen reacted badly Torres continued pressing his hand on Vertongen’s face. It started innocently but ended as if Torres meant it all along. I have no idea what the punishment for such an incident warrants.

    As far as the FA is concerned, they hardly get anything right and are too inconsistent to have any faith in.

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