Write For World Soccer Talk; Seeking New Writers Who Are Passionate About the Beautiful Game

World Soccer Talk is currently looking for new writers. If you’re interested in writing about your favorite passion, and getting your articles in front of an audience of 1 million visitors per month, visit our get published page to learn more.

Since rebranding the website in June from EPL Talk to World Soccer Talk, we’ve expanded the number of leagues and topics that we cover. So no matter what league, club, country or competition you’re interested in, there’s an audience that’s interested in reading your thoughts and opinions. Plus, we’ve increased the quality and quantity of articles we publish regarding the Premier League, which is still the most popular topic on World Soccer Talk.

In terms of content, we’re looking for opinionated or detailed articles on anything soccer-related. Feel free to think outside the box. Instead of match reports, we’re continuing to look for articles that will appeal to hardcore soccer fans — how you fell in love with your team and/or the beautiful game, what mistakes the manager of your football club is making in regards to team selection or what position he’s putting footballers in, your soccer collectibles, what it means to you to be a soccer fan, etcetera.

If you currently write for your own soccer blog, why not write for World Soccer Talk instead? While there’s a personal satisfaction in having your own blog and publishing your own articles on it, the reality is that very few soccer fans will see your articles there. If you’re going to put the time and effort into writing great pieces, it’s better to have them published on a site like World Soccer Talk where soccer fans will find and read your articles, and discuss them in the comments section.

Lastly, if you’re interested in reviewing soccer books, please let me know. I have an opening for one book reviewer.

Review our writer guidelines today and find out how to get published on World Soccer Talk.


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