Rafa Benítez Hails Arsène Wenger as the Best Manager in England: Daily Soccer Report

Napoli manager Rafa Benitez has hailed Arsene Wenger as the best manager in England. Both Napoli and Arsenal face each other later today in the UEFA Champions League, but while the praise for Wenger is worthy, you have to wonder how much of a dig that is for Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Benitez and Mourinho have had a long rivalry, and the words by Benitez have got to sting Mourinho, who has had a rocky start to his return to Chelsea as manager — especially after Mourinho is the one who has replaced Benitez as Chelsea boss.

Watch the video clip in the link below to see the entire press conference by Benitez.

For viewers in the United States, the game between Napoli and Arsenal will be shown at 2:45pm ET on FOX Soccer Plus and FOXSoccer2Go.com.

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3 thoughts on “Rafa Benítez Hails Arsène Wenger as the Best Manager in England: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. The fat Spanish waiter has spoken.

    All joking aside, Benitez did a great job with Chelsea last year despite the constant attack from Chelsea supporters. He really impressed me. I felt he out-managed SAF in the cup tie and the BPL match at Old Trafford. I guess he has a good reason to keep pointing out the quality of his CV.

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