Watch ‘This Week In Soccer’: Moyes at Man Utd, Grass vs Turf and Qatar World Cup [VIDEO]

Watch today’s broadcast of ‘This Week In Soccer,’ live at 5:30pm ET/10:30pm UK time via video.

Today’s topics are:

1. What’s a reasonable expectation for David Moyes’s first season at United?

2. To what extent is soccer just SUPPOSED to be played on grass?

3. Should FIFA members begin speaking out against Qatar worker slavery now?

To watch and listen to the show live, visit at 5:30pm ET today. The panelists today are Richard Farley (NBC Sports), Kartik Krishnaiyer (senior writer for World Soccer Talk) and Laurence McKenna (host of the EPL Talk Podcast on World Soccer Talk).

With the show moving to a live format, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with the panelists — by asking questions in the comments section, or adding your opinions that can help fuel the discussion.

Watch the show live today at 5:30pm ET/10:30pm UK time.

9 thoughts on “Watch ‘This Week In Soccer’: Moyes at Man Utd, Grass vs Turf and Qatar World Cup [VIDEO]”

  1. The live broadcast of ‘This Week In Soccer’ will begin at 5:30pm ET (the page will be updated at that time with the video that you can watch live).

    At anytime in the show, feel free to post your questions or opinions for the panel in the comments section below. The best comments will be read out on air.

  2. It’s a shame and a disgrace that these problems in Qatar is happening. Forget about FIFA taking a bribe from that country and forcing a Winter World Cup, but these working conditions and how these guest workers are being subjected to.

    From Grant Wahl in Sports Illustrated

    “World Cup ’22 in Qatar is in the news again this week with the possibility that FIFA could vote to move the tournament from the summer to the winter months as early as Thursday. Horrible treatment of migrant workers in Qatar has been an ongoing story on and in The Guardian, and so has treatment of workers in general.

    I spoke yesterday to Stéphane Morello, a French soccer coach who has been trapped in Qatar since 2009. He coached two Qatari clubs starting in 2007, and his sponsor was the Qatari Olympic Committee. He tells me when those club jobs ended, he was unable to get an exit visa and his guaranteed salary as part of his contract. He has been in limbo with his family ever since, and only in the next few weeks might he finally be able to leave Qatar now that French president François Hollande has gotten involved. Morello tells me he plans to sue the Qataris once he gets back to France for taking nearly five years of his life away. I’ll have more on this story on this week.”

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