José Mourinho Walks Out of Press Conference Over De Bruyne Omission [VIDEO]: Nightly Soccer Report

Here’s the video of Jose Mourinho walking out of his Chelsea press conference today after getting upset by the questioning of the media regarding Kevin De Bruyne and why the player has been demoted to the u21 squad.

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7 thoughts on “José Mourinho Walks Out of Press Conference Over De Bruyne Omission [VIDEO]: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. wait until they ask jose if it was a mistake to let RL out on a year long loan.jose has spit the bit.i am not sure he will make it 3 years that was my prediction.what happen to the HAPPY ONE!

  2. I hate Chelsea as much as the next guy, but I have to say… His reply was appropriate. Media are just fishing for stories, asking stupid questions.

  3. Now that he’s done this all of the talk is on Jose and not on the players. Whatever anyone thinks about him, he’s a master manipulator. To him, all of this is a game within a game. It’s like a chess match to him and the press eat it all up. By walking out he’s able to control the story.

  4. People don’t understand jm he loves stealing the headlines.there no problem in chelsea camp pls every coach has the right to choose who will play for him or not.

  5. Mourinho is so far past his sell by date it’s unreal. The wheels are coming off already. Meanwhile, Rafa is laughing all the way from Naples saying Wenger is the best manager in the EPL. The annoying one will be gone by Xmas at this rate.

  6. Seemed like a fair reaction from JM and as it has been previously stated the press now focus on JM and not the team. Pressure relieved a bit for his players.

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