Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Dissect Man Utd vs West Brom on Sky Sports MNF [VIDEO]

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were in fine form again tonight on the Monday Night Football show on Sky Sports.

The duo dissected many of the mistakes that Manchester United made against West Bromwich Albion from this past weekend.

World Soccer Talk writer Peter Quinn described the video as “Carragher and Neville are having a ‘You Tube moment.’ They’re both describing Alex Ferguson and his influence. While also stating that Moyes will be given time to figure this out. Good stuff.”

Watch the video now:

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H/T 101 Great Goals.

9 thoughts on “Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Dissect Man Utd vs West Brom on Sky Sports MNF [VIDEO]”

  1. once again GN is spot on. on his way to being one of the best analyst.this guy bleed cried and sweated for MUFC and has no problem saying when they are not playing well.will be interested to see if JC will do the same when LFC hits a tough patch.

    1. It would be nice to see NBC and Fox allow analysts to talk and explain instead of the round table/bullet point technique the pundits over here do. What Nev is doing is true football knowledge, not just opinion. I’m not bashing NBC/FOX but having a true football mind would be beneficial
      Bobby McMahon where art thou?

      1. Just my opinion, I’d rather they wait on that until they have someone qualified to do it.

        I’m not trying to keep bashing Fox, but their in studio analysts are a joke. They don’t know what they’re saying or doing.

        NBC has good personnel, but they don’t seem comfortable yet. They brought out the telestrator for the Everton-Newcastle match. It just wasn’t working for me.

        I’m with you on McMahon thought. He and Barton might make a good team. They can lose everyone else at Fox.

        1. I think the biggest difference is that Gary Neville (and probably Jamie Carragher as well) has been working on his coaching badges. I’m not sure exactly how far he is but I’m sure it’s at least up to some courses in UEFA.
          That’s a lot of tactical insight from a very technical standpoint as opposed to most of the typical pundits.

    1. Yep. It’s on the players. If they don’t react and start playing to their potential, they’re gone. They need to get Woodward out of there. But he’s a Glazer’s decision from what I understand.

      Moyes is being backed. United aren’t Chelsea or Real Madrid. They’re going to give him time.

      1. Woodward was the Banker who secured the money for the Glaziers to buy the club and getting the top job is his reward.

        While I’m not impressed with some of David Moyes comments in the media he has been let down badly by the owners and the board in regards to transfers. It almost boarders on criminal the way they handled things in the summer and its left the manager looking bad.

        1. Yep. In a way I was thinking Moyes made his comments public so that he was on the record as saying “I need players”. That way public opinion would move off of him and on to the board.

          I also think (as crazy as it sounds) that United still have a squad that can compete in the CL and BPL. They just need to re-focus and get back to grinding out matches.

          That in part falls on Moyes providing leadership and the tactics. But it mainly falls on the players.

    2. Mr. Moyes will probably dump Kagawa before the next Ronaldinho or Notso. He has no concept of his players or their ability.

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