David Moyes Brought in His Own Coaching Staff Against Sir Alex Ferguson’s Advice

Manchester United manager David Moyes decided to bring in his own coaching staff and remove the legacy coaches against the advice of Sir Alex Ferguson. That’s according to a new interview with former Manchester United goalkeeping coach Eric Steele in the United fanzine United We Stand.

Moyes had the opportunity to retain Sir Alex Ferguson’s coaching team that included Rene Meulensteen, Eric Steele and Mike Phelan, but he decided to axe them in favor of his own men — Steve Round, Phil Neville, Chris Woods and Jimmy Lumsden.

Steele said:

“He listened to [Sir Alex Ferguson’s] advice, but he wanted to be his own man.

“I didn’t want to leave. Why would I? I knew that David was coming in and wondered who he’d bring.

“You had the United perspective – the manager saying, ‘Keep what we’ve got, keep the continuity, work with them and they’ll guide you through. You’re taking on a massive machine here. You’ve gone from Marks and Spencer’s to Harrods.’

“Then there’s David’s viewpoint, which I understand. I know him professionally. I know his work ethic, his hands-on approach.

“I don’t blame him for doing what he did. I’ve been in the game long enough to know how it is.

“But it’s ironic, isn’t it? You’ve just been part of a team that has had a great season and won the league. David De Gea’s had his best season. Does it make sense that you’re not retained to continue the good work? Sadly, that’s out of my hands.”

Whether the decision by Moyes was a wise one, we’ll never know. But there is something to be said about an experienced coaching staff that helped Sir Alex Ferguson achieve so much at Old Trafford.

11 thoughts on “David Moyes Brought in His Own Coaching Staff Against Sir Alex Ferguson’s Advice”

  1. I read this article this morning and felt a little vindication for my article. Although none of the United players have commented about the loss of these coaches, we now know for sure that they wanted to stay (we will probably never hear anything from the players about it because United wouldn’t allow it).

    Truth is Moyes is entitled to bring in his own staff. But it may have been wise to slowly integrate is staff. Hindsight is 20/20. But I thought that at the time. Especially in the case of Rene Meulensteen. It seemed that the first team really respected him.

    But what’s done is done. It still doesn’t explain opponents outworking United over the past few Premier League matches. That has little to do with coaching and more with the players themselves.

    I’m hoping to see a more consistent effort starting on Wednesday. Come on you Reds!

    1. What I am thinking is Moyes might want to play a totally different style of football than Fergie’s and this might take a lot of time to adapt.

  2. As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s and watching Liverpool nosedived after Souness replaced Dalglish, I fear that Moyes could be United’s Souness.

  3. There’s so many factors which have lead to United’s poor start that it would be silly to blame it on just one, but only time will prove whether that start will translate into a bad season. I’d be surprised if United drop to seventh like Liverpool did, but I guess we’ll see.

  4. After Moyes comments about United not being able to compete in Champions League because of a lack of world class players, that speaks volumes about his self esteem and self confidence. That is not something you want your manager saying or even discussing in the public realm.

    1. I thought the same thing, Rob. I’m hoping he is trying to use that comment to motivate some of the squad. He’s basically saying “You might be champions, but you still have something to prove.”

      If that is what he’s doing (who knows), I just don’t agree with making comments like that to the media. Mancini did it. Di Canio did it. The ramifications can fracture a team’s relationship to the manager.

      Honestly, you don’t need a squad of world class players to win the league or Champions League. But they need to be driven and focused at all times. And you need some luck. Right now, United haven’t had much of this.

  5. i don’t think you can stand pat in the EPL and United did that.i know they overpaid for MF.from here on out the EPL will be EPLAF after Ferguson.

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