Watch ‘Being Paul Gascoigne,’ the ITV Documentary On Gazza [VIDEO]

This week, ITV in Britain aired a brand-new documentary about Paul Gascoigne, one of the most gifted British footballers of the past 25 years.

It’s a very personal, up front documentary about his battle against alcoholism. It also includes heartfelt words from Gascoigne, his family and friends about the ups and downs of his life in the last few years.

After a wonderful football career, Gascoigne now faces his personal demons.

Watch the entire 46 minute documentary below. But be forewarned that the documentary won’t be on YouTube long, so watch it now before it’s removed.

Share your thoughts regarding the documentary in the comments section below. Personally, I really want to see Gascoigne pull himself out of the downward spiral he’s in. He’s living on a razor’s edge. I just hope he’s strong enough to pull himself through this. The world is a better place with Gazza on it.

4 thoughts on “Watch ‘Being Paul Gascoigne,’ the ITV Documentary On Gazza [VIDEO]”

  1. Such a waste. Never the same after seemingly trying to decapitate forest’s Gary Charles in the 1991 cup final and wrecking his own knee in the process. It’s amazing how such gifted players have no self control off the pitch.

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